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meapsoft.STFT Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A class to extract and hold STFT info from an AudioInputStream.

Calls listeners when a new frame is added. Calculates the log magnitude spectrogram.

Mike Mandel (

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Public Methods

int readFrames (long nframes)
 Fill this STFT object with up to the next nframes frames of data.

long getLastFrameAddress ()
 Get the frame address of the last frame read into this object.

Static Public Methods

RingMatrix getSTFT (double[] samples, int nfft)
 Get the STFT of samples, with no overlap between frames.

RingMatrix getSTFT (double[] samples, int nfft, int nhop)
 Get the STFT of samples.

Member Function Documentation

int meapsoft.STFT.readFrames long    nframes [inline]

Fill this STFT object with up to the next nframes frames of data.

nframes  number of audio frames to read
the number of frames actually read (will be less than nframes if the end of the audio data is reached first.

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References meapsoft.RingMatrix.checkInColumn(), meapsoft.RingMatrix.checkOutColumn(), and meapsoft.FFT.fft().

Referenced by meapsoft.FeatExtractor.processFeatFile().

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