For recent work please refer to my Research Group's webpage.

Below is a list of projects, circuit designs, papers, and patents I have worked on in before going back to academia. For most you can find details in related technical publications.

High Speed and RF circuits

  • At Celight, we designed a 5Gs/s 5bit A/D convertor in a 40GHz SiGe process. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to experimentally verify the samples. The ADC was part of a receiver for coherent optical communications (see SCEE2002).

  • An Injection Locking Scheme for Precision Quadrature Generation

  • At Broadcom, I was part of the design team for the BCM3415: CMOS TV Tuner for Cable Modem applications.

  • A 5.3 GHz Programmable Divider for HiPerLAN in 0.25um CMOS

  • A Fully Integrated VCO for 5GHz applications

  • A 2.4GHz CMOS VCO with MCM inductor

  • A 900 MHz Double Quadrature CMOS Upconvertor

  • Analytical Model for Planar Inductors

  • A 1 GHz CMOS Upconversion Mixer

  • Device Mismatch: Characterization & Design Implications

  • Impact of Device Mismatch on the Speed-Power-Accurary Tradeoff in Analog Circuits

  • Mismatch Charaterization of MOS transistors

  • (Parallel) Analog Signal Processing

  • An Analog Parallel Array Processor for Real-time Sensor Signal Processing

  • A 4x4 Cellular Neural Network Chip

  • Full Analog CMOS Integration of Very Large Time Constants