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Homework Index
Due Date
Feb. 22
Mar. 20
Apr. 5
Course Project Proposal
April 5
Course Project Final Presentation
May 3
Course Project Introduction
May 13


IMPORTANT! How to submit your homework to TA

  1. Finish you homework by 3:00PM of the due date.

  2. Generate a homework report document (PDF or PS) summarizing the results. In the document specify where the TA can find your codes, images (if any) and results for each problem. If discussion or analysis is required (e.g., compare the differences), a brief discussion or comment is necessary.

  3. Prepare all of the related files (such as source codes, execution binary files, report, and other experiment results). You don't need to inlcude the source images.

  4. Pack all of your files into one .zip or .rar file, and name it as FirstLastName_HW#.zip. E.g., ByungLee_HW1.zip.

  5. Upload your file through the Columbia Coursework. You will need to choose Class files -> Post File -> Post File To: Dropbox: Lee, Byung Suk -> Submit

  6. Send an email to bl2012 AT columbia DOT edu to inform that you have uploaded your filePlease include "[E6886]" in your email title.

  7. Any questions, please contact with the TA.


Homework Page For EE E6886 Multimedia Security Systems