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EE E6886: Topics in Signal Processing – Multimedia Security Systems

Security has been in a center stage of international attention since we first-handedly witnessed the pervasiveness of terrorism activities. Lately, more and more government and industry resources are located to the researches of security systems. How can we ensure the trustworthiness of multimedia data? How can analysts extract intelligence from enormous video streams? How can visual or audio biometric features help to identify suspects?

This course is intended to provide an advanced multimedia application course with its focus on security. Two major areas will be covered in this class -- to ensure secure uses of multimedia data and to use multimedia data for security applications. Students will gain knowledge and hands-on experience about multimedia systems and security technologies. This course will: (1) introduce multimedia compression technologies and standards, such as MPEGs, (2) survey algorithms in research of multimedia security, e.g., copyright protection, authenticity verification, etc, and (3) learn theories, research issues and recent developments of multimedia-based security systems, such as video surveillance, biometric feature applications, and sensor networks.

Instructor: Prof. Ching-Yung Lin

Time: Wednesday 4:10pm – 6:40 pm, Spring 2006

Location: Mudd 535