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On-going projects

$\propto$SVM for learning with label proportions

- Learning setting: Only the proportion of each class in each group is known.
- Broad applications in social science, marketing, healthcase, and computer vision.
Designing Category-level Attributes for Discriminative Visual Recognition

- Framework and methods for designing discriminative "category-level" attributes.
- State-of-the-art results in classification with few examples, and zero-shot learning.
More projects on vision, learning and life coming soon...

Past projects

Weak Attributes for Large-Scale Image Retrieval

- Leveraging a large pool of weak attributes comprised of automatic classifier scores and other mid-level representations for multi-attribute (label) image retrieval.
Active Query Sensing

- A mobile visual search system which can suggest the best query view.
- ACM Multimedia 2011 Best Paper Award.
Adaptive Dictionary Learning for Image Retrieval