Useful Links for "Analog Integrated Circuit Design"

Disclaimer: We provide some links to other places on the web with possibly useful information when you are learning analog circuit design. We do not endorse any of these organizations nor do we guarantee that any of these links work or that the information posted there is correct.

Some of these links might be broken or will break. If you have suggestions for updates or additions send them to the instructor.

Spice Simulators

LTspice (Linear Technology).

 WinSPICE from S.C. Wong -- UCB Spice3 for Windows (has html spice manual !)

MOS Modelling & Cards

0.18um CMOS Teaching Model

Simulation techniques

How to simulate Loop-Gain using Middlebrook's technique

Feedback analysis via null double injection (=Middlebrook's technique) (From University of Colorado Power Electronics Class)

Analog Class Homepages

B. Boser's Analog Class Homepage at Berkeley Spring 2002

Analog Integrated Circuits 97.477 at Carleton University

E. Sanchez's Analog Class Homepage at Texas A&M

R. Harjani's Analog Class Homepage at University of Minnesota

Electronic Devices and Circuits at Harvard

J. McNeill's Microelectronics and Noise Class at Worcester Polytechnic

VLSI Class Homepages

University of New Hampshire: Introduction to VLSI