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Teaching Assistant: Frank Zhang, CEPSR 422, 212-854-4685, frank AT


Course Topics

Please take a look at the Textbook section for a detailed topic list.


We do not formally follow a textbook but use a combination of instructor's notes and technical papers. A lot of the material is available from (see the Textbook section):

  • Behzad Razavi, "Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits", McGraw-Hill,August 2000.
  • Other reference texts on the subject:

    Several copies of these books will be on reserve in the Engineering Library (Mudd 4th floor).

    Design tools

    State-of-the-art computer-aided analysis techniques are extensively used. An extensive design project is an integral part of the course.

    Remote Students

    Remote students need the ability to remotely run the design tools on our VLSI/CISL Teaching machines in Mudd 12th floor. There are two ways to remotely login:

    Make sure your are confident you have a sufficiently fast internet connection (broadband). Make sure you understand the use of linux and the design tools before you register for this course as a remote student.

    We will not be able to help you setting up that connection since it is too specific to your particular computing setup and internet connection.

     Homework   10%
     Design Project  35%
     Midterm (written) 20%
     Final (written) 35%