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Analysis, Indexing , and Summarization for Medical Applciations

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Recent advancements in the technology of medical imaging and the content-based analysis of multimedia have resulted in new opportunities in the field of the medical image management. These days people are talking about the concept of "Future Hospitals", in which all medical documents including images are in digitial format. It's extremely important in such hospitals with enromous amount of medical image content to have content management tools with which one can interact with the data efficiently.

One important and very common medical imaging modality is the Echocardiogram video, which captures the function and the structure of the heart from different viewing angles. Echocardiograms are highly structured, rendering rich spatio-temporal patterns in the video sequence. We exploit this structure to create statistical models of their content. These models are then used to parse the echocardiogram videos into their constituent units of structure. By recovering the structural elements of the echocardiogram video we can summarize its content for efficient browsing and access. See image for a snapshot of the browsing interface where the user could navigate the summary of the echocardiogram and only watch the video segments of interest. The elements of the content of the echocardiogram could be linked to a synchronized 3D graphic model for a more intuitive interface, and to the contextual text information usually accompanying these videos.

The challenges of this research are:

  • Automatic annotation of the cardiac objects
  • Automatic recognition of the different view angles of the heart
  • Modelling the activity of the heart operation by multi-part spatio-temporal models

This research is part of the "DLI-Phase 2: A Patient Care Digital Library: Personalized Retrieval Summarization of Multimedia Information (PERSIVAL)" project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Award 9817434).


(3D Heart Model courtesy of New York University School of Medicine)

A brief introduction to echo video is included here.


Shahram Ebadollahi <Email: my first name AT ee.columbia.edu>

Professor Shih-Fu Chang

Dr. Henry Wu (Cardiologist, Echo Lab, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons)


A local executable demo showing the project overview and video recording of the interactive system demo can be downloaded from <Video Summary>. Note it is a large file (51MB).


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