Israel Marine Mammal Research & Assistance Center visit

We arrived in Haifa by car on 05/17 at around 13:00pm. The campus is situated on Carmel mountain and even though it looks like a typical university the view was breathtaking. After a few security issues we were greeted by our host Prof. Dani Kerem and his lab. The lab is part of the maritime civilization department and Prof. Kerem together with Oz Goffman are the president and head of IMMRAC respectively. Everybody in the lab was very welcoming (thank you Daphne for the handpicked blackberries) and truly interested in finding out about audio processing.
We had lunch at the Law school cafeteria and engaged in fruitful conversations about the center and their daily activities. Oz was extremely helpful and gave me solid advice and contacts within Israel that could be of great use for further collaborations. I wish him all the luck with his academic ventures and i am positive that he will be able to fulfill them since he is the expert on solitary dolphins. Also i would like to congratulate him on the newcomer in his family and wish him all the happiness.Thanks Oz for your help and enthusiasm and let us know when you plan to come in New York.
The talk started at 4:00pm and even though it was expected to last around 40min we manged to drag it for 2hr and 30min. Everybody got involved and asked questions and i am hoping that i managed to give them a first look on audio processing so that when the time comes for IMMRAC to incorporate audio recordings they will have a head start.
Shalom to everyone and toda for all your support, help and true interest in learning more, i sure did.