Current Courses:

    ELEN 3084: Signals and Systems Lab
    ELEN 3801: Signals and Systems
    ELEN 4730: Quantum Optimization and Quantum Machine Learning
    ELEN 6717: Classical and Quantum Information Theory
    ELEN 6730: Quantum Sensing Theory

Past Courses:

    ECBM 3060/4060: Genomic Information Science and Techology
    ELEN 3202: Signals and Systems, I
    ELEN 6860: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
    ELEN 6880: Space-time Coding and Signal Processing
    ELEN 6883: Detection and Estimation Theory

    EE444: Digital Signal Processing
    EE455: Digital Communications
    EE646: Statistical Communication Theory
    EE647: Information Theory
    EE661: Modulation Theory
    EE662: Detection and Estimation Theory