CSEE 4140 Networking Lab Spring 2012

General Course Information

CSEE W 4119 Computer Networks
Wednesday 1:10PM - 2:25PM
Mudd 834

Instructor and TA Information

Robert Margolies (robm at ee dot columbia dot edu)
Office Address: 815 CEPSR
Office Hours: TBD

Teaching Assistants (TBD)

Course Description

Networking Laboratory is a course where you actively learn by doing. You will learn network concepts and protocols by configuring a network using routers and PCs, observing the actual behavior of these machines and the overall network, and analyzing and evaluating the results. This is a learning experience different from other networking courses where you read and think in an abstract level. We have a laboratory that only enrolled students can enter and use just for that purpose. Topics covered include IP, ARP, ICMP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, TCP, UDP, STP, DNS, NAT, DHCP, SNMP, IGMP and PIM-DM/SM. 

After taking this course, you will have a better understanding of the network behavior of individual machines and the whole network in general.

Course Material

Required Textbook:

9780201781342 Mastering networks :an Internet lab manual Jörg Liebeherr, Magda El Zarki. Boston :Pearson/Addison Wesley, c2004.

Recommended Textbook:

9780136079675 Computer networking :a top-down approach James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross. Boston :Addison-Wesley, 2010.


Homeworks and Lab Sessions

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