Etymology of "Nemo"

Etymology of "Nemo"

My name is Nobody, but I am The Man

I was named after my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather (the sequence, which goes through my father's mother, is Nemo Semret Tesdale Doyo Wami Gero Godana Nemo Tujo Chefe Alga ... ). Nemo is an Oromo word meaning "The Man". Wow, you say... But wait. In Latin, the same word means "Nobody"! In Homer's Odyssey, when Ulysses blinds the Cyclops, the Cyclops asks him: "Who are you?", to which Ulysses replies (in the Latin translation): "Nemo." When the Cyclops was later asked by his father Neptune: "Who did this to you?", he answers "Nobody did it." I guess it also worked in the original Greek text, but I don't know what the word was (it wasn't "nemo", as in Greek that means "manage", as in oikos (house) and nomos, household management, a.k.a. economics). Anyway, the Latin word is where the Captain Nemo of the Nautilus submarine, in Jules Verne's "20,000 leagues under the sea", got his name. Also, in Korean, Nemo means "rectangular" ... I haven't figure that one out yet.

This just in: There is a village in Tibet called Nemo.

As if all that wasn't complicated enough, now you have all these

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  • One of these days, I'm gonna (TM) and © my name and then sue all these people!

    Quæris Neminis parem?
    Nemo est nisi ipse
    (Do you seek Nemo's equal? None is, except himself).--Seneca: Hercules Furens, i. 1; 84.