Non Disclosure Form

In order to get access to the design tools and technology information, all students must download, print and sign a MOSIS non-disclosure form; mail it to your course instructor or leave it in their mailbox in the EE office; without this form your computer account cannot be activated.

Please respect this confidentiality agreement and keep the IC technology and CAD tool information (models, process information) strictly confidential.

The CAD tools can only be used for teaching use, i.e. for assignments or studying topics related to the courses you are taking.

VLSI Teaching Computer Lab Computer Account

To set up your computer account you need to register for the class and send an email with: first name, last name, pid, uni, on-campus/off-campus at the beginning of the term. You can also contact the lab manager, John Kazana, 1312 Mudd Building, (212) 854-2427,

VLSI Teaching Computer Lab Access

To enable swipe access to the VLSI Teaching Computing Lab (Mudd 1218) you need to contact the teaching lab manager, John Kazana, 1312 Mudd Building, (212) 854-2427,

Strictly follow these Instructions and Policies for using the VLSI Teaching Lab (1218)/Embedded systems Lab (1235)

Computer Problems

Send an email to to report problems with the VLSI teaching machines. In case of persistent problems contact your instructor.