Usefull Links for "Analog Integrated Circuit Design"

Analog Class Homepages

Tom Lee's Analog Class Homepage at Stanford

B. Boser's Analog Class Homepage at Berkeley

B. Boser's Analog Class Homepage at Berkeley Spring 2002

Analog Integrated Circuits 97.477 at Carleton University

K. Nagaraj 's Analog Class Homepage at University of Pennsylvania

E. Sanchez's Analog Class Homepage at Texas A&M

R. Harjani's Analog Class Homepage at University of Minnesota

Electronic Devices and Circuits at Harvard

Holberg's Analog Class at U-Texas

U.K. Moon's Analog Class at Oregon State

J. McNeill's Analog Class at Worcester Polytechnic

VLSI Class Homepages

University of New Hampshire: Introduction to VLSI

Spice Simulators

 UCB Spice3f5 for Windows from University of Duisburg
(excel interface; win graphics; includes example model files bsim3 & bsim4)

 Winspice from M. Smith -- UCB Spice3 for Windows

 WinSPICE from S.C. Wong -- UCB Spice3 for Windows (has html spice manual !)

MOS Modelling & Cards

Slides on Field Effect Transistors Modeling (Shur)

MOS Device Physics (Tom Lee) (pdf) Appendix has description of MOS LEVEL 3 Spice model

MOS 0.5um CMOS Level 3 Parameters

Simulation techniques

How to simulate Loop-Gain using Middlebrook's technique

Feedback analysis via null double injection (=Middlebrook's technique) (From University of Colorado Power Electronics Class)