EE4303: Analog Integrated Circuit Design


Peter Kinget



          Phone: 908-294-6456 (cell)


Webpage: TBD


Office Hours: by appointment


Grader: TBD


Prerequisite: EE3301 (Electronic Circuits)


Reference Text:  Gray, Hurst, Lewis, and Meyer: “Analysis and design of Analog Integrated Circuits”, 4th Edition, John Wiley and Sons






Class:           every week 6.50pm to 9.20pm

Homework:          assignments every week or replaced by projectwork



          Homework             15%

          Design Project           25%

          Midterm (written)          25%

          Final (written)          35%


Other Reference Texts on the subject:


Homework #1

          Reading assignment – will be briefly reviewed in next lecture

                    Chapter 1 (all except 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 are optional)

                    Chapter 2 (focus on 2.5, 2.6, 2.9, 2.10)

          Gray & Meyer Problems 1.8, 1.15 & 1.16


          Two weeks available to complete Homework #1