I moved to Computer Science, Dartmouth College in 2005 after a wonderful period at Columbia University. Find my new contact details here. Note that this web page is no longer being maintained. My Columbia e-mail will still reach me. 

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Andrew T. Campbell is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, and a member of the COMET Group. Andrew is working on emerging architectures and programmability for wireless networks. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science in 1996, and the NSF CAREER Award for his research in programmable mobile networking in 1999. Prior to joining academia he spent 10 years working on transport and operating systems issues in industry. Andrew spent his sabbatical year (2003-2004) at the Computer Lab, Cambridge University, as an EPSRC Visiting Fellow.

Contact him by sending e-mail to campbell “at” comet dot columbia dot edu


Spring 2005 E9651 Wireless and Mobile Networking, Topics on Self-Organizing Wireless Networks


Current Projects


Armstrong, Resilient Transport and Control Mechanisms for Sensor Networks

Dragonfly (temp name): Open Spectrum MAC for Ad Hoc Networks

CP2P: New Paradigms for P2P networks

Past Projects

INSIGNIA, QOS in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, 1998-2003

SWAN, Stateless Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, 2000-2003

Genesis, Spawning Networks, 1998-2003

CUBANET, Constructing Utility-Based QOS Networks, 1998-2002

IP 4+4, Evolving Internet Architecture back toward Transparency, 2000-2002

CIMS, Columbia IP Micromobility Software (CIMS), 1999-2002

Cellular IP, Micromobility Protocols, 1997-2001

P-MIP, Paging Extensions for Mobile IP, 2000-2001

Mobiware, Programmable Mobile Networking, 1996-2000  

Current Ph.D Students

Gahng-Seop Ahn

Shane Eisenman

Seoung-Bum Lee

Zoltán R. Turányi, Co-Advisor

John B. Vicente

Rita H. Wouhaybi


Ph.D Graduates


Associate Editor

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2001- 2004

IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, 2000-  

ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 2001-2003

ACM/Kluwer Wireless Networks (WINET), 2000-2003

ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking (TON), 2000-2004

Computer Networks, 1999-2003

IEEE IT Professional Magazine, 1998-2003


Guest Editors


ACM Journal on Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET), Special Issue on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Volume 8, 2003.

Computer Networks. Special Issue on Programmable Networks, Vol. 38, No. 3, February 2002.

ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication on Wireless Extensions to the Internet, October 2001.

ACM Journal on Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET), Special Issue on Mobile Multimedia Communications, Vol. 6 No. (5), pg. 407-408, September 2001.

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications on Active and Programmable Networks , Vol. 19, No. 3, March 2001.

IEEE Personal Communications special issue on IP-based Mobile Telecommunications Networks, Vol. 7 No. 4, pg. 8-9 August 2000.

Computer Communications on QOS in Distributed Systems, Vol. 21 No. 4, pg. 291-293 April 1997.


Technical Program Chair


Co-chair for the 6th ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (ACM MobiHoc 2005)

Co-chair for the 8th ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (ACM MobiCom 2002)

Chair of the Special Track on Networking Technologies, Services and Protocols IFIP Networking 2002,

Co-chair 4th IEEE International Conference on Open Architecture and Network Programming (OPENARCH 2001). 

Co-chair 6th IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Communications (MOMUC99)

Co-chair 5th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Service (IWQOS97)