Spring 2021 Course List

The below courses are tentative and subject to change:

Course # Sec. Instructor Title Day Time Teaching Mode
ELEN E1201 1 D. Vallancourt Intro to Electrical Engineering MW 4:10-5:25 Hybrid
ELEN E3082 1 K. Shepard Digital Systems Laboratory M 4:10-6:40 Online
ELEN E3082 2 K. Shepard Digital Systems Laboratory Tu 4:10-6:40 Online
ELEN E3082 3 K. Shepard Digital Systems Laboratory F 1:10-3:40 Online
ELEN E3083 1 D. Vallancourt Electronic Circuits Laboratory M 4:10-6:40 Hybrid
ELEN E3083 2 D. Vallancourt Electronic Circuits Laboratory Tu 4:10-6:40 Hybrid
ELEN E3083 3 D. Vallancourt Electronic Circuits Laboratory F 1:10-3:40 Hybrid
ELEN E3331 1 D. Vallancourt Electronic Circuits MW 11:40-12:55 Hybrid
ELEN E3390 1 D. Vallancourt Electronic Circuits Design Lab TuTh 11:40-12:55 Hybrid
ELEN E3401 1 K. Bergman Electromagnetics MW 10:10‐11:25 Hybrid
ELEN E3701 1 I. Kalet Intro to Communication Systems TuTh 2:40-3:55 Online
CSEE W3827 1 D. Rubenstein Fundamentals of Computer Systems TuTh 10:10-11:25 Hybrid
CSEE W3827 2 D. Rubenstein Fundamentals of Computer Systems TuTh 11:40-12:55 Hybrid
ECBM E4040 1 Z. Kostic Neural Networks and Deep Learning W 4:10-6:40 Hybrid
ECBM E4070 1 A. Lazar Computing with Brain Circuits of Model Organisms M 7:00-9:30 Online
CSEE E4119 1 H. Schulzrinne Computer Networks MW 1:10-2:25 Online
ELEN E4314 1 Y. Tsividis Communication Circuits W 1:10-3:40 Online
ELEN E4361 1 M. Preindl Power Electronics Th 4:10-6:40 Online
EEME E4601 1 R. Longman Digital Control System M 4:10-6:40 In Person
ELEN E4702 1 A. Ashikhmin Digital Communications W 7:00-9:30 Online
BMEE E4740 1 A. Kyle Bioinstrumentation F 1:10-3:55 Hybrid
EECS E4764 1 X. Jiang Internet of Things - Intelligent and Connected Systems MW  2:40-3:55 Hybrid
ELEN E4815 1 I. Kalet Random Signals and Noise TuTh 8:40-9:55 am Online
ELEN E4830 1 C. Hendon Digital Image Processing Th 10:10-12:40 Online
EEBM E6099 1 P. Sajda Topics in Computational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering: Brain-Computer Interfaces Tu 4:10-6:40 Hybrid
CSEE W6180 1 Vishal Misra Modeling & Performance Evaluation F 10:10-12:00 Online
ELEN E6312 1 H. Krishnaswamy Adv Analog Integrated Circuits M 1:10-3:40 Online
ELEN E6316 1 T. Dickson Analog Systems in VLSI Tu 7:00-9:30 Online
ELEN E6318 1 Y. Baeyens Microwave Circuit Design M 4:10-6:40 Online
EECS E6321 1 M. Seok Advanced Digital Electronic Circuits TuTh 10:10-11:25 Hybrid
ELEN E6414 1 M. Lipson Photonic Integrated Circuits Tu 4:10-6:40 Online
EEME E6601 1 R. Longman Intro To Control Theory W 7:00-9:00pm Online
EEOR E6616 1 C. Josz Convex Optimization MW 5:40-6:55pm Online
EECS E6691 1 Z. Kostic Topics in Data-driven Analysis and Computation. TPC: Advanced Deep Learning  W 10:10-12:40 Hybrid
EECS E6699 1 P. Jelenkovic Topics in Data-driven Analysis and Computation. TPC: Mathematics of Deep Learning Tu 4:10-6:40 Online
ELEN E6767 1 D. Mitra Internet Economics, Engineering & the Implications for Society MW 11:40-12:55 Online
ELEN E6770 2 K. Sabnani/T.Woo Topics in Networking. TPC: Network Virtualization and Cloud Computing Th 4:10-6:40 Online
ELEN E6771 1 D. Calin Topics in Networking. TPC: 5G Programmable Networks W 7:00-9:30 Online
ELEN E6776 1 A. Walid Topics in Networking. TPC: Content Storage and Distribution Th 7:00-9:30 Online
ELEN E6820 1 N. Mesgarani Speech and Audio Processing and Recognition W 1:10-3:40 Online
CSEE E6868 1 L. Carloni Embedded Scalable Platform W 6:10-8:00pm Online
ELEN E6876 1 J. Wright Sparse and Low-Dimensional Models for High-Dimensional Data M 1:10-3:40 Online
ELEN E6883 1 C. Li Topics in Signal Processing. TPC: An Introduction to Blockchain Technology F 8:10am-10:00am Online
EECS E6895 1 C-Y. Lin Advanced Big Data Analytics F 7:00-9:30 Online
ELEN E6945 1 D. Khodagholy Device Nanofabrication Th 1:10-3:40 Online
ELEN E9303 1 P. Kinget Seminar in Electronic Circuits. TPC: Advanced Topics in IC Design W 1:10-3:40 Online

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