Signals, Information and Data

The Signals, Information and Data area concerns the representation, processing, analysis, and communication of information embedded in signals and datasets arising in a wide range of application areas, including audio, video, images, communications, and biology. Research interests include the development of models, algorithms and analyses for sensing, detection and estimation, statistical and machine learning, and the recognition, organization and understanding of the information content of signals and data.


Professor IconJames Anderson
Assistant Professor

Arrow Research areas:  

Professor IconShih-Fu Chang

Arrow Research areas:  Multimedia search and retrieval, image and video analysis, mobile and augmented media, large-scale high-dimensional indexing, signal processing, computer vision, and machine learning.

Professor IconZoran Kostic

ArrowResearch areas: Signal Processing, Mobile and Wireless Communications Systems, Internet of Things, Parallel Computing and Applications of Deep Learning.

Professor IconJohn Paisley
Associate Professor

Arrow Research areas:  Statistical Machine Learning, Probabilistic Models.

Professor IconXiaodong Wang

Professor IconJohn Wright
Associate Professor


Digital Video and Multimedia Lab

Prof. Shih-Fu Chang

Location Icon7LE3, 7th Floor, Schapiro CEPSR

Signal Processing and Communications Lab

Prof. Xiaodong Wang

Location Icon717 CEPSR

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