Research Opportunities for EE MS Students

EE MS students can participate in research activities during the academic year and summer. The EE MS program allows students to take up to 6 credits of research out of the total 30 credits required for the MS degree. To conduct research, a student needs to find a faculty advisor to supervise the research and then register for an independent research course -- ELEN E4998 or ELEN E6001 -- in the section of their faculty advisor. A maximum of 3 credits can be obtained during one semester.

An overview of the research activities in the EE department can be found here. To identify a research advisor, students need to establish a relationship through course work, participation in lab visits, or discussions with PhD students. Students are encouraged to start exploring research opportunities early in their program. An overview of some of the current research opportunities through the Student Research Program from SEAS can be found here; note that additional opportunities might be available, when you contact lab directors directly.

Students in the MS Honors program can obtain a scholarship to support their research.

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