Content-based Semi-fragile Authentication of JPEG-2000 Images

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We propose a novel integrated approach to quantitative semi-fragile authentication of JPEG2000 images under a generic framework which combines ECC and PKI infrastructures. Firstly acceptable manipulations (e.g., re-encoding) which should pass authentication are defined based on considerations of some target applications. We propose a unique concept of lowest authenticable bit rate – images undergoing repetitive reencoding are guarantee to pass authentication provided the re-encoding rates are above the lowest allowable bit rate. Our solutions include computation of content-based features derived from the EBCOT encoding procedure of JPEG2000, error correction coding of the derived features, PKI cryptographic signing, and finally robust embedding of the feature codes into image as watermarks.



Qibin Sun

Professor Shih-Fu Chang

Maeno Kurato

Masayuki Suto



Q. Sun, S.-F. Chang, M. Kurato and M. Suto, A quantative semi-fragile JPEG2000 image authentication system, ICIP2002, Rochester, USA, 2002.

Q. Sun, S.-F. Chang, M. Kurato and M. Suto, A new semi-fragile image authentication framework combining ECC and PKI, Invited paper for Special Session on Multimedia Watermarking, ISCAS2002, Phoenix, USA, 2002.

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