LSCOM Lexicon Definitions

DTO Challenge Workshop on Large Scale Concept Ontology for Multimedia

000 - Parade

Concept ID: 000
Name: Parade
Definition: Multiple units of marchers, devices, bands, banners or Music.
Labeled: Yes

001 - Exiting_Car

Concept ID: 001
Name: Exiting_Car
Definition: A car exiting from somewhere, such as a highway, building, or parking lot.
Labeled: Yes

002 - Handshaking

Concept ID: 002
Name: Handshaking
Definition: Two people shaking hands. Does not include hugging or holding hands.
Labeled: Yes

003 - Running

Concept ID: 003
Name: Running
Definition: One or more people running.
Labeled: Yes

004 - Airplane_Crash

Concept ID: 004
Name: Airplane_Crash
Definition: Airplane crash site.
Labeled: Yes

005 - Earthquake

Concept ID: 005
Name: Earthquake
Definition: Wreckage from an Earthquake.
Labeled: Yes

006 - Demonstration_Or_Protest

Concept ID: 006
Name: Demonstration_Or_Protest
Definition: One or more people protesting. May or may not have banners or signs.
Labeled: Yes

007 - People_Crying

Concept ID: 007
Name: People_Crying
Definition: One or more people with visible tears.
Labeled: Yes

008 - Airplane_Takeoff

Concept ID: 008
Name: Airplane_Takeoff
Definition: Airplane heading down the runway for take off (may have already left runway and be ascending).
Labeled: Yes

009 - Airplane_Landing

Concept ID: 009
Name: Airplane_Landing
Definition: Airplane descending or decelerating after making contact with runway.
Labeled: Yes

010 - Helicopter_Hovering

Concept ID: 010
Name: Helicopter_Hovering
Definition: Helicopter in the air. May be moving or staying in place.
Labeled: Yes

011 - Golf

Concept ID: 011
Name: Golf
Definition: People playing golf.
Labeled: Yes

012 - Walking

Concept ID: 012
Name: Walking
Definition: One or more people walking.
Labeled: Yes

013 - Singing

Concept ID: 013
Name: Singing
Definition: One or more people singing.
Labeled: Yes

014 - Baseball

Concept ID: 014
Name: Baseball
Definition: One or more people playing baseball.
Labeled: Yes

015 - Basketball

Concept ID: 015
Name: Basketball
Definition: One or more people playing basketball.
Labeled: Yes

016 - Football

Concept ID: 016
Name: Football
Definition: One or more people playing football.
Labeled: Yes

017 - Soccer

Concept ID: 017
Name: Soccer
Definition: One or more people playing soccer.
Labeled: Yes

018 - Tennis

Concept ID: 018
Name: Tennis
Definition: One or more people playing tennis.
Labeled: Yes

019 - Speaking_To_Camera

Concept ID: 019
Name: Speaking_To_Camera
Definition: A person looking directly into the camera while speaking
Labeled: Yes

020 - Riot

Concept ID: 020
Name: Riot
Definition: Many people engaging in violence or mayhem in city streets
Labeled: Yes

021 - Natural_Disasters

Concept ID: 021
Name: Natural_Disasters
Definition: Any natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis.
Labeled: Yes

022 - Tornado

Concept ID: 022
Name: Tornado
Definition: The funnel cloud of a tornado
Labeled: Yes

023 - Ice_Skating

Concept ID: 023
Name: Ice_Skating
Definition: One or more people skating on ice
Labeled: Yes

024 - Snow

Concept ID: 024
Name: Snow
Definition: Snow falling or already accumulated on the ground
Labeled: Yes

025 - Flood

Concept ID: 025
Name: Flood
Definition: City streets or homes engulfed in flood waters
Labeled: Yes

026 - Skiing

Concept ID: 026
Name: Skiing
Definition: One or more people skiing
Labeled: Yes

027 - Talking

Concept ID: 027
Name: Talking
Definition: One or more people engaged in discourse
Labeled: Yes

028 - Dancing

Concept ID: 028
Name: Dancing
Definition: One or more people dancing
Labeled: Yes

029 - Car_Crash

Concept ID: 029
Name: Car_Crash
Definition: One or more cars which have had collisions with other cars or stationary objects
Labeled: Yes

030 - Funeral

Concept ID: 030
Name: Funeral
Definition: Rememberance or funeral ceremonies for a deceased person
Labeled: Yes

031 - Gymnastics

Concept ID: 031
Name: Gymnastics
Definition: One or more people doing competitive gymnastics
Labeled: Yes

032 - Rocket_Launching

Concept ID: 032
Name: Rocket_Launching
Definition: A rocket taking off
Labeled: Yes

033 - Cheering

Concept ID: 033
Name: Cheering
Definition: One or more people cheering or applauding
Labeled: Yes

034 - Greeting

Concept ID: 034
Name: Greeting
Definition: Two or more people greeting each other (includes shaking hands, hugging and waving)
Labeled: Yes

035 - Throwing

Concept ID: 035
Name: Throwing
Definition: A person throwing some object
Labeled: Yes

036 - Shooting

Concept ID: 036
Name: Shooting
Definition: A person shooting a gun
Labeled: Yes

037 - Address_Or_Speech

Concept ID: 037
Name: Address_Or_Speech
Definition: A person delivering a speech or a giving an address
Labeled: Yes

038 - Bomber_Bombing

Concept ID: 038
Name: Bomber_Bombing
Definition: An airborne bomber dropping bombs on some target
Labeled: Yes

039 - Celebration_Or_Party

Concept ID: 039
Name: Celebration_Or_Party
Definition: One or more people celebrating or partying
Labeled: Yes

040 - Airport

Concept ID: 040
Name: Airport
Definition: Exterior shots of an airport, showing one or more buildings (such as the air traffic control tower or the terminals).
Labeled: Yes

041 - Barn

Concept ID: 041
Name: Barn
Definition: Exterior shots of a barn.
Labeled: Yes

042 - Castle

Concept ID: 042
Name: Castle
Definition: Exterior shots of a castle (building with turrets).
Labeled: Yes

043 - College

Concept ID: 043
Name: College
Definition: Exterior shots of a college or university campus (showing one or more buildings).
Labeled: Yes

044 - Courthouse

Concept ID: 044
Name: Courthouse
Definition: Exterior shots of a courthouse.
Labeled: Yes

045 - Fire_Station

Concept ID: 045
Name: Fire_Station
Definition: Exterior shots of a fire station.
Labeled: Yes

046 - Gas_Station

Concept ID: 046
Name: Gas_Station
Definition: Exterior shots of a gas station.
Labeled: Yes

047 - Grain_Elevator

Concept ID: 047
Name: Grain_Elevator
Definition: Exterior shots of a grain elevator.
Labeled: Yes

048 - Greenhouse

Concept ID: 048
Name: Greenhouse
Definition: Exterior shots of a greenhouse.
Labeled: Yes

049 - Hangar

Concept ID: 049
Name: Hangar
Definition: Exterior shots of an airplane hangar.
Labeled: Yes

050 - Hospital

Concept ID: 050
Name: Hospital
Definition: Exterior shots of a hospital.
Labeled: Yes

051 - Hotel

Concept ID: 051
Name: Hotel
Definition: Exterior shots of a hotel.
Labeled: Yes

052 - House_Of_Worship

Concept ID: 052
Name: House_Of_Worship
Definition: Exterior shots of a house of worship (such as a church, synagogue, temple, mosque, etc).
Labeled: Yes

053 - Police_Station

Concept ID: 053
Name: Police_Station
Definition: Exterior shots of a police station.
Labeled: Yes

054 - Power_Plant

Concept ID: 054
Name: Power_Plant
Definition: Exterior shots of a power plant (thermal, hydro-electric, nuclear, etc).
Labeled: Yes

055 - Processing_Plant

Concept ID: 055
Name: Processing_Plant
Definition: Exterior shots of a processing plant (such as a refinery, chemical processing plant, or a sewage treatment plant).
Labeled: Yes

056 - School

Concept ID: 056
Name: School
Definition: Exterior shots of a school. (For children, Not a college or a university).
Labeled: Yes

057 - Shopping_Mall

Concept ID: 057
Name: Shopping_Mall
Definition: Exterior shots of a shopping mall.
Labeled: Yes

058 - Stadium

Concept ID: 058
Name: Stadium
Definition: Exterior shots of a stadium (baseball/footbal stadiums and basketball/hockey arenas. Domed or open air).
Labeled: Yes

059 - Supermarket

Concept ID: 059
Name: Supermarket
Definition: Exterior shots of a supermarket.
Labeled: Yes

060 - Airport_Or_Airfield

Concept ID: 060
Name: Airport_Or_Airfield
Definition: Scene taking place at an airport or airfield. (Exterior shots showing runways and planes).
Labeled: Yes

061 - Aqueduct

Concept ID: 061
Name: Aqueduct
Definition: An artificial channel for conveying water, usually elevated like a bridge.
Labeled: Yes

062 - Avalanche

Concept ID: 062
Name: Avalanche
Definition: A mass of snow, rocks, and ice falling rapidly down a mountainside.
Labeled: Yes

063 - River_Bank

Concept ID: 063
Name: River_Bank
Definition: The shores of a river.
Labeled: Yes

064 - Aircraft_Cabin

Concept ID: 064
Name: Aircraft_Cabin
Definition: The interior of an aircraft, possibly showing passengers, pilots, and attendants.
Labeled: Yes

065 - Canal

Concept ID: 065
Name: Canal
Definition: Artificial water way constructed by digging in the earth.
Labeled: Yes

066 - Cave_Inside

Concept ID: 066
Name: Cave_Inside
Definition: Inside view of an underground chamber, typically in the side of a hill or cliff.
Labeled: Yes

067 - Cave_Outside

Concept ID: 067
Name: Cave_Outside
Definition: Outside view of entrance to an underground chamber in the side of a hill or cliff.
Labeled: Yes

068 - Cityscape

Concept ID: 068
Name: Cityscape
Definition: View of a large ubran setting, showing skylines and building tops. (Not just street-level views of urban life).
Labeled: Yes

069 - Cockpit

Concept ID: 069
Name: Cockpit
Definition: Inside view of pilot's area in the front of an aircraft.
Labeled: Yes

070 - Conference_Room

Concept ID: 070
Name: Conference_Room
Definition: Meeting room with a large table and many chairs.
Labeled: Yes

071 - Construction_Site

Concept ID: 071
Name: Construction_Site
Definition: Site of the construction of some new structure, such as a building, road, or bridge.
Labeled: Yes

072 - Graveyard

Concept ID: 072
Name: Graveyard
Definition: A burial ground with tombstones.
Labeled: Yes

073 - Highway

Concept ID: 073
Name: Highway
Definition: A major road with many lanes.
Labeled: Yes

074 - Hospital

Concept ID: 074
Name: Hospital
Definition: A scene taking place inside a hospital.
Labeled: Yes

075 - Industrial_Setting

Concept ID: 075
Name: Industrial_Setting
Definition: A scene taking place inside an industrial setting, such as a factory or a power plant.
Labeled: Yes

076 - Jail

Concept ID: 076
Name: Jail
Definition: A scene taking place inside a prison.
Labeled: Yes

077 - Military_Base

Concept ID: 077
Name: Military_Base
Definition: Views of a military base, may include barracks, weapons, or other facilities.
Labeled: Yes

078 - River

Concept ID: 078
Name: River
Definition: A natural stream of flowing water.
Labeled: Yes

079 - Ruins

Concept ID: 079
Name: Ruins
Definition: The remains of a once useful structure. May be archaeological ruins or the results of a recent bombing or natural disaster.
Labeled: Yes

080 - Suburban

Concept ID: 080
Name: Suburban
Definition: A scene taking place in a suburban setting.
Labeled: Yes

081 - Tunnel

Concept ID: 081
Name: Tunnel
Definition: Views of the inside of a tunnel. May be a tunnel for cars, trains, sewage, or anything else.
Labeled: Yes

082 - Underwater

Concept ID: 082
Name: Underwater
Definition: Underwater seascapes.
Labeled: Yes

083 - Adobehouses

Concept ID: 083
Name: Adobehouses
Definition: House built from earthen or clay-like materials.
Labeled: Yes

084 - Laboratory

Concept ID: 084
Name: Laboratory
Definition: Laboratory environment where researchers may conduct experiments.
Labeled: Yes

085 - Office

Concept ID: 085
Name: Office
Definition: Office environment with desks, chairs and/or white-collar workers.
Labeled: Yes

086 - Tent

Concept ID: 086
Name: Tent
Definition: Temporary shelter made from fabric suspended by poles.
Labeled: Yes

087 - Beach

Concept ID: 087
Name: Beach
Definition: Where an ocean or lake meets the land.
Labeled: Yes

088 - Oil_Field

Concept ID: 088
Name: Oil_Field
Definition: Oil drilling site, specifically one located on land.
Labeled: Yes

089 - Parking_Lot

Concept ID: 089
Name: Parking_Lot
Definition: Outdoor area for parking cars.
Labeled: Yes

090 - Ditch

Concept ID: 090
Name: Ditch
Definition: Elongated man-made hole.
Labeled: Yes

091 - Golf_Course

Concept ID: 091
Name: Golf_Course
Definition: Land area for playing golf.
Labeled: Yes

092 - Volcano

Concept ID: 092
Name: Volcano
Definition: An active volcano: a mountain with lava or smoke coming out.
Labeled: Yes

093 - Warehouse

Concept ID: 093
Name: Warehouse
Definition: Interior view of a storage facility with crates, barrels, and/or forklifts visible.
Labeled: Yes

094 - Airport_Terminal

Concept ID: 094
Name: Airport_Terminal
Definition: Interior shots of airport terminals, including ticket counters, waiting areas, and security check points.
Labeled: Yes

095 - Bazaar

Concept ID: 095
Name: Bazaar
Definition: A market located in the middle east. May be indoor or outdoor. (Change definition from bazaar?)
Labeled: Yes

096 - Oil_Drilling_Site

Concept ID: 096
Name: Oil_Drilling_Site
Definition: Any oil drilling site, on land or on water.
Labeled: Yes

097 - Embassy

Concept ID: 097
Name: Embassy
Definition: External shots of a foreign embassy.
Labeled: Yes

098 - Foxhole

Concept ID: 098
Name: Foxhole
Definition: A ditch made for the purpose of holding men and soldiers in combat.
Labeled: Yes

099 - Hill

Concept ID: 099
Name: Hill
Definition: A landscape with the crest of a hill visible.
Labeled: Yes

100 - Marsh

Concept ID: 100
Name: Marsh
Definition: Wetlands consisting of water with tall grass sticking out.
Labeled: Yes

101 - Urban_Park

Concept ID: 101
Name: Urban_Park
Definition: A public park in a city, such as Central Park.
Labeled: Yes

102 - Subway_Station

Concept ID: 102
Name: Subway_Station
Definition: Interior views of a subway station.
Labeled: Yes

103 - Female_Person

Concept ID: 103
Name: Female_Person
Definition: One of more female persons.
Labeled: Yes

104 - Male_Person

Concept ID: 104
Name: Male_Person
Definition: One or more male persons.
Labeled: Yes

105 - Civilian_Person

Concept ID: 105
Name: Civilian_Person
Definition: One or more persons not in the armed services or police force.
Labeled: Yes

106 - Sitting

Concept ID: 106
Name: Sitting
Definition: One or more people sitting down.
Labeled: Yes

107 - Standing

Concept ID: 107
Name: Standing
Definition: One or more people standing up.
Labeled: Yes

108 - Vehicle

Concept ID: 108
Name: Vehicle
Definition: Any thing used for transporting people or goods, such as a car, bus, truck, cart, plane, etc.
Labeled: Yes

109 - Windows

Concept ID: 109
Name: Windows
Definition: An opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle fitted with glass or other transparent material.
Labeled: Yes

110 - Female_Anchor

Concept ID: 110
Name: Female_Anchor
Definition: Female news anchor. Sits at desk in studio and appears throughout the broadcast.
Labeled: Yes

111 - Female_Reporter

Concept ID: 111
Name: Female_Reporter
Definition: Female new reporter. Reports from the field or appears briefly in the studio.
Labeled: Yes

112 - First_Lady

Concept ID: 112
Name: First_Lady
Definition: Any current or former first lady of the United States. (Includes Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, etc.
Labeled: Yes

113 - Male_Anchor

Concept ID: 113
Name: Male_Anchor
Definition: Male news anchor. Sits at desk in studio and appears throughout the broadcast.
Labeled: Yes

114 - Male_Reporter

Concept ID: 114
Name: Male_Reporter
Definition: Male new reporter. Reports from the field or appears briefly in the studio.
Labeled: Yes

115 - Commercial_Advertisement

Concept ID: 115
Name: Commercial_Advertisement
Definition: Shots of advertisements or commercials
Labeled: Yes

116 - Armed_Person

Concept ID: 116
Name: Armed_Person
Definition: Any person carrying a weapon.
Labeled: Yes

117 - Firefighter

Concept ID: 117
Name: Firefighter
Definition: A person whose job it is to extinguish fires.
Labeled: Yes

118 - Judge

Concept ID: 118
Name: Judge
Definition: A public official appointed to decide cases in a court of law.
Labeled: Yes

119 - Athlete

Concept ID: 119
Name: Athlete
Definition: A person whose job it is to perform in sports.
Labeled: Yes

120 - Congressman

Concept ID: 120
Name: Congressman
Definition: Any sitting member of the United States House of Representatives or Senate.
Labeled: Yes

121 - Logos_Full_Screen

Concept ID: 121
Name: Logos_Full_Screen
Definition: Any logo occupying more than 50% of the screen with limited other objects on screen. (Background should be mostly blank or obscurred).
Labeled: Yes

122 - High_Security_Facility

Concept ID: 122
Name: High_Security_Facility
Definition: Any facility that is highly guarded, requiring security checkpoints or clearance for entry.
Labeled: Yes

123 - Emergency_Medical_Response_People

Concept ID: 123
Name: Emergency_Medical_Response_People
Definition: Includes paramedics and EMTs. Does not include policemen and firemen.
Labeled: Yes

124 - Election_Campaign

Concept ID: 124
Name: Election_Campaign
Definition: Any news segment covering election campaign developments.
Labeled: Yes

125 - Airplane_Flying

Concept ID: 125
Name: Airplane_Flying
Definition: An airplane flying in the sky.
Labeled: Yes

126 - Female_News_Subject

Concept ID: 126
Name: Female_News_Subject
Definition: A female person who is the subject of a news report.
Labeled: Yes

127 - Golf_Player

Concept ID: 127
Name: Golf_Player
Definition: A person who plays golf.
Labeled: Yes

128 - Politics

Concept ID: 128
Name: Politics
Definition: News items about domestic or international politics
Labeled: Yes

129 - Press_Conference

Concept ID: 129
Name: Press_Conference
Definition: Any conference held with the intention of making announcements to the press.
Labeled: Yes

130 - Celebrity_Entertainment

Concept ID: 130
Name: Celebrity_Entertainment
Definition: A celebrity known for entertaining. Includes actors and musicians. Does not include athletes.
Labeled: Yes

131 - Swimming

Concept ID: 131
Name: Swimming
Definition: One or more people swimming.
Labeled: Yes

132 - Bride

Concept ID: 132
Name: Bride
Definition: A woman on her wedding day.
Labeled: Yes

133 - Golf_Caddy

Concept ID: 133
Name: Golf_Caddy
Definition: A person who carries a golfer's club or provides other assistance during a golf match.
Labeled: Yes

134 - Construction_Worker

Concept ID: 134
Name: Construction_Worker
Definition: People working on a construction site.
Labeled: Yes

135 - Toll_Booth

Concept ID: 135
Name: Toll_Booth
Definition: A station on or near a highway, bridge, or tunnel for collecting money.
Labeled: Yes

136 - Guard

Concept ID: 136
Name: Guard
Definition: Any non-military guard or watchman.
Labeled: Yes

137 - Hunter

Concept ID: 137
Name: Hunter
Definition: A person hunting for and killing animals.
Labeled: Yes

138 - Clock_Tower

Concept ID: 138
Name: Clock_Tower
Definition: A tower with a large clock on top.
Labeled: Yes

139 - Factory_Worker

Concept ID: 139
Name: Factory_Worker
Definition: Any laborer at a factory.
Labeled: Yes

140 - Steeple

Concept ID: 140
Name: Steeple
Definition: A spire on top of a church tower or roof.
Labeled: Yes

141 - Groom

Concept ID: 141
Name: Groom
Definition: A man on his wedding day.
Labeled: Yes

142 - Ground_Crew

Concept ID: 142
Name: Ground_Crew
Definition: Any workers on the tarmac at an airport. Includes traffic directors and baggage handlers.
Labeled: Yes

143 - Election_Campaign_Convention

Concept ID: 143
Name: Election_Campaign_Convention
Definition: Any coverage of the 2004 Republican or Democratic conventions.
Labeled: Yes

144 - Election_Campaign_Debate

Concept ID: 144
Name: Election_Campaign_Debate
Definition: Any coverage of the 2004 presidential or vice-presidential debates.
Labeled: Yes

145 - Election_Campaign_Greeting

Concept ID: 145
Name: Election_Campaign_Greeting
Definition: Any coverage of political candidates greeting crowds.
Labeled: Yes

146 - Election_Campaign_Address

Concept ID: 146
Name: Election_Campaign_Address
Definition: Any coverage of political candidates delivering speeches or addresses.
Labeled: Yes

147 - Security_Checkpoint

Concept ID: 147
Name: Security_Checkpoint
Definition: Any security checkpoint. Includes military checkpoints and airport security.
Labeled: Yes

148 - Theater

Concept ID: 148
Name: Theater
Definition: External shots of a theater.
Labeled: Yes

149 - Actor

Concept ID: 149
Name: Actor
Definition: One or more television or movie actors or actresses.
Labeled: Yes

150 - Head_And_Shoulder

Concept ID: 150
Name: Head_And_Shoulder
Definition: A view of a person showing only the torso and head. Both the torso and head must be visible.
Labeled: Yes

151 - Street_Battle

Concept ID: 151
Name: Street_Battle
Definition: Fighting taking place in the street. May be military, police, or civilians.
Labeled: Yes

152 - Tractor_Combine

Concept ID: 152
Name: Tractor_Combine
Definition: Agricultural vehicle, such as a tractor or a combine.
Labeled: Yes

153 - Landscape

Concept ID: 153
Name: Landscape
Definition: A view of a natural landscape. May include some people or man-made structures, but should mostly be landscape.
Labeled: Yes

154 - Alley

Concept ID: 154
Name: Alley
Definition: Small, narrow passageway between two buildings.
Labeled: Yes

155 - Attached_Body_Parts

Concept ID: 155
Name: Attached_Body_Parts
Definition: A close-up view of body parts attached to a live person. The head of the person must not be visible. The body parts should be the primary focus of the shot.
Labeled: Yes

156 - Hand

Concept ID: 156
Name: Hand
Definition: A close-up view of one or more hands, where the hand is the primary focus of the shot.
Labeled: Yes

157 - Indoor_Sports_Venue

Concept ID: 157
Name: Indoor_Sports_Venue
Definition: Interior shots of indoor sports venues, such as hockey and basketball arenas.
Labeled: Yes

158 - Bar_Pub

Concept ID: 158
Name: Bar_Pub
Definition: Interior shots of a bar or pub.
Labeled: Yes

159 - Emergency_Room

Concept ID: 159
Name: Emergency_Room
Definition: Interior shots of an emergency room.
Labeled: Yes

160 - Library

Concept ID: 160
Name: Library
Definition: Interior shots of a library.
Labeled: Yes

161 - Smoke

Concept ID: 161
Name: Smoke
Definition: Shots with smoke present.
Labeled: Yes

162 - Forest

Concept ID: 162
Name: Forest
Definition: A group of many trees.
Labeled: Yes

163 - Grassland

Concept ID: 163
Name: Grassland
Definition: Open plains and fields.
Labeled: Yes

164 - House

Concept ID: 164
Name: House
Definition: A freestanding single family home.
Labeled: Yes

165 - Lawn

Concept ID: 165
Name: Lawn
Definition: An area of manicured grass, may be found near houses or in parks.
Labeled: Yes

166 - Glacier

Concept ID: 166
Name: Glacier
Definition: glacier / iceberg
Labeled: Yes

167 - Administrative_Assistant

Concept ID: 167
Name: Administrative_Assistant
Definition: Any receptionist or secretary.
Labeled: Yes

168 - Dredge_Powershovel_Dragline

Concept ID: 168
Name: Dredge_Powershovel_Dragline
Definition: Shots of heavy machinery with a long arm for lifting or digging.
Labeled: Yes

169 - Gym

Concept ID: 169
Name: Gym
Definition: Interior shots of a gymnasium or health club.
Labeled: Yes

170 - Amusement_Park

Concept ID: 170
Name: Amusement_Park
Definition: Shots of an amusement park.
Labeled: Yes

171 - Bathroom

Concept ID: 171
Name: Bathroom
Definition: Shots of a bathroom.
Labeled: Yes

172 - Kitchen

Concept ID: 172
Name: Kitchen
Definition: Shots of a kitchen.
Labeled: Yes

173 - Bank

Concept ID: 173
Name: Bank
Definition: Interior shots of a bank.
Labeled: Yes

174 - Cabin

Concept ID: 174
Name: Cabin
Definition: Interior shots of a cabin.
Labeled: Yes

175 - Clearing

Concept ID: 175
Name: Clearing
Definition: A space in a forest with few trees.
Labeled: Yes

176 - Dining_Room

Concept ID: 176
Name: Dining_Room
Definition: Shots of a dining room inside a home.
Labeled: Yes

177 - Laundry_Room

Concept ID: 177
Name: Laundry_Room
Definition: Shots of a laundry room.
Labeled: Yes

178 - Fighter_Combat

Concept ID: 178
Name: Fighter_Combat
Definition: Shots showing military fighter planes engaged in combat missions.
Labeled: Yes

179 - Head_Of_State

Concept ID: 179
Name: Head_Of_State
Definition: Any domestic or foreign head of state. Includes George Bush, Tony Blair, Gerard Schroeder, Jacques Chirac, etc.
Labeled: Yes

180 - Individual

Concept ID: 180
Name: Individual
Definition: Shots showing only one person.
Labeled: Yes

181 - Adult

Concept ID: 181
Name: Adult
Definition: Shots showing a person over the age of 18.
Labeled: Yes

182 - Agent

Concept ID: 182
Name: Agent
Definition: Secret service agents. Presidential body guards.
Labeled: Yes

183 - Boy

Concept ID: 183
Name: Boy
Definition: One or more male children.
Labeled: Yes

184 - Girl

Concept ID: 184
Name: Girl
Definition: One or more female children.
Labeled: Yes

185 - Lawyer

Concept ID: 185
Name: Lawyer
Definition: A lawyer in a courtroom setting.
Labeled: Yes

186 - Mug

Concept ID: 186
Name: Mug
Definition: An opaque drinking cup with a handle, typically used for hot bevarages.
Labeled: Yes

187 - Food

Concept ID: 187
Name: Food
Definition: Any food.
Labeled: Yes

188 - Glass

Concept ID: 188
Name: Glass
Definition: A clear drinking glass.
Labeled: Yes

189 - Security_Checkpoint

Concept ID: 189
Name: Security_Checkpoint
Definition: Any person ordained for religious duties in the Christian Church.
Labeled: Yes

190 - Cheerleader

Concept ID: 190
Name: Cheerleader
Definition: A person leading cheers at a sporting event or cheerleading competition.
Labeled: Yes

191 - Commentator_Or_Studio_Expert

Concept ID: 191
Name: Commentator_Or_Studio_Expert
Definition: A pundit or expert (not an anchor or reporter) giving opinions in the news studio.
Labeled: Yes

192 - Dead_Bodies

Concept ID: 192
Name: Dead_Bodies
Definition: One or more dead bodies.
Labeled: Yes

193 - Eyewitness

Concept ID: 193
Name: Eyewitness
Definition: A person giving a first-hand account of some event, specifically crimes.
Labeled: Yes

194 - Male_News_Subject

Concept ID: 194
Name: Male_News_Subject
Definition: A male person who is the subject of a news report.
Labeled: Yes

195 - Finance_Busines

Concept ID: 195
Name: Finance_Busines
Definition: News items about finance/business/commerce.
Labeled: Yes

196 - Science_Technology

Concept ID: 196
Name: Science_Technology
Definition: News items about science and technology.
Labeled: Yes

197 - Bicycle

Concept ID: 197
Name: Bicycle
Definition: A person riding a bicycle.
Labeled: Yes

198 - Host

Concept ID: 198
Name: Host
Definition: The host of a non-news television program, such as an interview show. Anchors of news broadcasts do not count as hosts.
Labeled: Yes

199 - Guest

Concept ID: 199
Name: Guest
Definition: A guest on a non-news programs, such as an interview show.
Labeled: Yes

200 - Ground_Combat

Concept ID: 200
Name: Ground_Combat
Definition: Soldiers engaged in fighting on the ground.
Labeled: Yes

201 - Animal

Concept ID: 201
Name: Animal
Definition: Shots depicting an animal (no humans).
Labeled: No

202 - Crowd

Concept ID: 202
Name: Crowd
Definition: Shots depicting a crowd
Labeled: Yes

203 - Explosion_Fire

Concept ID: 203
Name: Explosion_Fire
Definition: Shots of an explosion or a fire
Labeled: Yes

204 - Maps

Concept ID: 204
Name: Maps
Definition: Shots depicting regional territory graphically as a geographical or political map
Labeled: Yes

205 - Walking_Running

Concept ID: 205
Name: Walking_Running
Definition: Shots showing one or more people walking or running (TRECVID definition)
Labeled: Yes

206 - Road

Concept ID: 206
Name: Road
Definition: Shots depicting a road
Labeled: Yes

207 - Sky

Concept ID: 207
Name: Sky
Definition: Shots depicting sky
Labeled: Yes

208 - Urban_Scenes

Concept ID: 208
Name: Urban_Scenes
Definition: scenes taking place in a city setting
Labeled: Yes

209 - Waterscape_Waterfront

Concept ID: 209
Name: Waterscape_Waterfront
Definition: Shots depicting a waterscape or waterfront
Labeled: Yes

210 - Animal

Concept ID: 210
Name: Animal
Definition: (No humans): Shots depicting an animal
Labeled: Yes

211 - Charts

Concept ID: 211
Name: Charts
Definition: Shots depicting any graphics that is artificially generated such as bar graphs, line charts etc. Maps should not be included
Labeled: Yes

212 - Computer_Or_Television_Screens

Concept ID: 212
Name: Computer_Or_Television_Screens
Definition: Shots depicting television or computer
Labeled: Yes

213 - Court

Concept ID: 213
Name: Court
Definition: Shots of the interior of a court-room location
Labeled: Yes

214 - Face

Concept ID: 214
Name: Face
Definition: shots depicting a face
Labeled: Yes

215 - People_Marching

Concept ID: 215
Name: People_Marching
Definition: Shots showing one or more people marching (TRECVID definition)
Labeled: Yes

216 - Us_Flags

Concept ID: 216
Name: Us_Flags
Definition: Shots depicting a US flag
Labeled: Yes

217 - Person

Concept ID: 217
Name: Person
Definition: Shots depicting a person. The face may be partially visible
Labeled: Yes

218 - Airplane

Concept ID: 218
Name: Airplane
Definition: shots of an airplane
Labeled: Yes

219 - Government_Leader

Concept ID: 219
Name: Government_Leader
Definition: shots of government leaders
Labeled: Yes

220 - Meeting

Concept ID: 220
Name: Meeting
Definition: Scenes of meeetings. We did not consider speeches/talks to be a meeting. We did not consider anchor meeting with experts to be a meeting.
Labeled: Yes

221 - Car

Concept ID: 221
Name: Car
Definition: Shots of a car
Labeled: Yes

222 - Corporate_Leader

Concept ID: 222
Name: Corporate_Leader
Definition: Shots of a person who is a corporate leader e.g. CEO
Labeled: Yes

223 - Entertainment

Concept ID: 223
Name: Entertainment
Definition: Shots depicting any entertainment segment.
Labeled: Yes

224 - Outdoor

Concept ID: 224
Name: Outdoor
Definition: Shots of Outdoor locations
Labeled: Yes

225 - News_Studio

Concept ID: 225
Name: News_Studio
Definition: Shots of the studio setting, including anchors, interviews and all events that happen in a news room.
Labeled: Yes

226 - Building

Concept ID: 226
Name: Building
Definition: Shots of an exterior of a building
Labeled: Yes

227 - Bus

Concept ID: 227
Name: Bus
Definition: Shots of a bus
Labeled: Yes

228 - Police_Private_Security_Personnel

Concept ID: 228
Name: Police_Private_Security_Personnel
Definition: Shots depicting law enforcement or private security agency personnel
Labeled: Yes

229 - Weather

Concept ID: 229
Name: Weather
Definition: Shots depicting any weather related news or bulletin
Labeled: Yes

230 - Desert

Concept ID: 230
Name: Desert
Definition: Shots with the desert in the background
Labeled: Yes

231 - Military_Personnel

Concept ID: 231
Name: Military_Personnel
Definition: shots of military personnel, people in a military uniform
Labeled: Yes

232 - Truck

Concept ID: 232
Name: Truck
Definition: any kind of truck
Labeled: Yes

233 - Boat_Ship

Concept ID: 233
Name: Boat_Ship
Definition: Shots of a boat or ship
Labeled: Yes

234 - Prisoner

Concept ID: 234
Name: Prisoner
Definition: Shots depicting a person imprisoned, behind bars, in jail or in handcuffs
Labeled: Yes

235 - Vegetation

Concept ID: 235
Name: Vegetation
Definition: Shots depicting natural or artificial greenery, vegetation woods, etc
Labeled: Yes

236 - Mountain

Concept ID: 236
Name: Mountain
Definition: Shots depicting a mountain or mountain range with the slopes visible
Labeled: Yes

237 - Aircraft_Carrier

Concept ID: 237
Name: Aircraft_Carrier
Definition: shots of aircraft carriers
Labeled: Yes

238 - Control_Tower_-_Airport

Concept ID: 238
Name: Control_Tower_-_Airport
Definition: shots inside or outside of an airport control tower
Labeled: Yes

239 - Studio_With_Anchorperson

Concept ID: 239
Name: Studio_With_Anchorperson
Definition: Anchorperson: sitting in the studio throughout the program, occurs many times in one program. Also included when anchor person was talking to expert but is visible in scene. Included anchorperson on special reports.
Labeled: Yes

240 - Animal_Pens_And_Cages

Concept ID: 240
Name: Animal_Pens_And_Cages
Definition: shots showing animal pens and cages with animals or intended to house animals
Labeled: Yes

241 - Antenna

Concept ID: 241
Name: Antenna
Definition: any kind of antenna on an object or building, including car antennae, cell phone antennae, radio/walkie talkie antennae
Labeled: Yes

242 - Apartments

Concept ID: 242
Name: Apartments
Definition: indvidual apartments and condminiums, including buildings with balconies
Labeled: Yes

243 - Apartment_Complex

Concept ID: 243
Name: Apartment_Complex
Definition: residential buildings that seem to contain multiple apartments and condminiums
Labeled: Yes

244 - Armored_Vehicles

Concept ID: 244
Name: Armored_Vehicles
Definition: any vehicle that seems to be converted to military type use with some form of additional protection. Excluded: H2 hummer.
Labeled: Yes

245 - Artillery

Concept ID: 245
Name: Artillery
Definition: Artillery includes mortars but not tank guns
Labeled: Yes

246 - Asian_People

Concept ID: 246
Name: Asian_People
Definition: people of asian ethnicity
Labeled: Yes

247 - Baby

Concept ID: 247
Name: Baby
Definition: images of babies (children that are too young to walk)
Labeled: Yes

248 - Backpackers

Concept ID: 248
Name: Backpackers
Definition: people who are carrying a backpack
Labeled: Yes

249 - Backpack

Concept ID: 249
Name: Backpack
Definition: Backpacks must visually apparent i.e. in the foreground. At least the strap must be visible. we did not include other packs, like handbags, fanny packs, purses etc. Only backpacks that are being worn were counted. We included utilities backpack like leaf blowers etc. and military backpacks
Labeled: Yes

250 - Balloons

Concept ID: 250
Name: Balloons
Definition: balloons (toy as well as those suitable for carrying people)
Labeled: Yes

251 - Barge

Concept ID: 251
Name: Barge
Definition: shots of barges
Labeled: Yes

252 - Barracks

Concept ID: 252
Name: Barracks
Labeled: No

253 - Battleship

Concept ID: 253
Name: Battleship
Definition: shots of large warships
Labeled: Yes

254 - Beards

Concept ID: 254
Name: Beards
Definition: Images that contain men with beards
Labeled: Yes

255 - Beggar

Concept ID: 255
Name: Beggar
Definition: Beggars are defined as people who are asking for money on the streets, panhandlers
Labeled: Yes

256 - Bicycles

Concept ID: 256
Name: Bicycles
Definition: 2 or 3-wheel wheeled, human pedal powered, may have a trailer attached
Labeled: Yes

257 - Birds

Concept ID: 257
Name: Birds
Definition: shots of birds
Labeled: Yes

258 - Dark-skinned_People

Concept ID: 258
Name: Dark-skinned_People
Definition: People who are dark skinned due to African or african/american descent (ethnicity)
Labeled: Yes

259 - Blank_Frame

Concept ID: 259
Name: Blank_Frame
Definition: blank transition frames (only ones that you could hardly see anything) and out of focus screens where absolutely nothing could be identified and the screen was one color. Blank frames with news symbols or tickers were included.
Labeled: Yes

260 - Bridges

Concept ID: 260
Name: Bridges
Definition: a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle. label as positive any shots that contain a structure containing a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle and as negative those shots that do not contain such a sturcture. Shots containing structures over non-water bodies such as an overpass or a catwalk were also labelled as positive. includes model bridges.
Labeled: Yes

261 - Briefcases

Concept ID: 261
Name: Briefcases
Definition: shots of briefcases used for carrying papers, laptop computers or lunches)
Labeled: Yes

262 - Business_People

Concept ID: 262
Name: Business_People
Definition: People who are businessmen or women
Labeled: Yes

263 - Cables

Concept ID: 263
Name: Cables
Definition: any type of cable visible (power, telephone lines, wires, rigging)
Labeled: Yes

264 - Camels

Concept ID: 264
Name: Camels
Definition: shots of camels (both with one hump or two humps)
Labeled: Yes

265 - Camera

Concept ID: 265
Name: Camera
Definition: images on which a camera is visible
Labeled: Yes

266 - Canoe

Concept ID: 266
Name: Canoe
Definition: canoes, including dragonboats and kayaks
Labeled: Yes

267 - Capital

Concept ID: 267
Name: Capital
Definition: Images of the Capitol building in Washington, DC, the place where the U.S. congress meets.
Labeled: Yes

268 - Car_Racing

Concept ID: 268
Name: Car_Racing
Definition: shot of scenes at car races
Labeled: Yes

269 - Cart_Path

Concept ID: 269
Name: Cart_Path
Definition: a cart path is narrow roadway more suitable for carts than motorized vehicles
Labeled: Yes

270 - Cats

Concept ID: 270
Name: Cats
Definition: shots of cats, does not include tigers, leopards, jaguars
Labeled: Yes

271 - Caucasians

Concept ID: 271
Name: Caucasians
Definition: People of Caucasian descent/ethnicity
Labeled: Yes

272 - Cell_Phones

Concept ID: 272
Name: Cell_Phones
Definition: Mobile telephones that allow you to phone from anywhere. Includes satellite phones.
Labeled: Yes

273 - Child

Concept ID: 273
Name: Child
Definition: images of children
Labeled: Yes

274 - Cigar_Boats

Concept ID: 274
Name: Cigar_Boats
Definition: shots of fast motorboats
Labeled: Yes

275 - Classroom

Concept ID: 275
Name: Classroom
Definition: Images of school or university style classroom scenes
Labeled: Yes

276 - Clouds

Concept ID: 276
Name: Clouds
Definition: Scenes where clouds are visible
Labeled: Yes

277 - Cloverleaf

Concept ID: 277
Name: Cloverleaf
Definition: shots of the typical highway on/off ramps in the shape of a (partial) cloverleaf
Labeled: Yes

278 - Colin_Powell

Concept ID: 278
Name: Colin_Powell
Labeled: No

279 - Commercials

Concept ID: 279
Name: Commercials
Labeled: No

280 - Communications_Tower

Concept ID: 280
Name: Communications_Tower
Definition: shots of communication towers with antennas or signaling devices
Labeled: Yes

281 - Computers

Concept ID: 281
Name: Computers
Definition: images of computers, excluding TV monitors, graphics of computers and other electronics
Labeled: Yes

282 - Conference_Buildings

Concept ID: 282
Name: Conference_Buildings
Definition: conference buildings and convention centers
Labeled: Yes

283 - Construction_Vehicles

Concept ID: 283
Name: Construction_Vehicles
Definition: Vehicles related to construction activities (bulldozers, dump trucks, backhoes, including road construction etc.)
Labeled: Yes

284 - Cooling_Tower

Concept ID: 284
Name: Cooling_Tower
Definition: towers designed for cooling through water evaporation, typical in power plants
Labeled: No

285 - Cordless

Concept ID: 285
Name: Cordless
Definition: Cordless phones designed to be used with a fixed based station (not cell phones).
Labeled: Yes

286 - Cows

Concept ID: 286
Name: Cows
Definition: shots of cows and bulls
Labeled: Yes

287 - Cruise_Liner

Concept ID: 287
Name: Cruise_Liner
Definition: shots of passenger cruise ships
Labeled: Yes

288 - Cul-de-sac

Concept ID: 288
Name: Cul-de-sac
Definition: dead end roads
Labeled: Yes

289 - Flying_Objects

Concept ID: 289
Name: Flying_Objects
Definition: all flying objects (man-made) other than airplanes. this includes rockets, balloons, parachutes, helicopters, blimps, etc. Included also: onsidered Satellites, Guided Bombs in flight. Excluded: Confetti, Grouned Helicopters, Flags, Planes, Balls/Rocks, Bullets, Exploded Rockets, Animated Flying Contraptions.
Labeled: Yes

290 - Daytime_Outdoor

Concept ID: 290
Name: Daytime_Outdoor
Definition: shots that take place outdoors during the day. Included are images from space (light side of Earth). If it is a continuation of a story where the image is ambiguous (if a story starts in the day, it probably ends in daytime)
Labeled: Yes

291 - Dirt_Gravel_Road

Concept ID: 291
Name: Dirt_Gravel_Road
Definition: roads not asphalted or paved
Labeled: Yes

292 - Dogs

Concept ID: 292
Name: Dogs
Definition: shots of dogs, does not include wolves or foxes
Labeled: Yes

293 - Donald_Rumsfeld

Concept ID: 293
Name: Donald_Rumsfeld
Definition: Images of US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld
Labeled: Yes

294 - Donkeys

Concept ID: 294
Name: Donkeys
Definition: shots of donkeys
Labeled: Yes

295 - Dresses

Concept ID: 295
Name: Dresses
Definition: People wearing dresses or gowns (Arab men tend to wear them; also of course women in dresses. The dresses should at least reach the knees
Labeled: Yes

296 - Dresses_Of_Women

Concept ID: 296
Name: Dresses_Of_Women
Definition: Images of women/men that had a long dress on. Do not consider a women's dress suit to be a dress since it is 2 seperate pieces of clothing with the skirt and the jacket. Consider any male in a long dress-type outfit (like a priest) to be a dress, since you can't see that he's actually wearing pants underneath.
Labeled: Yes

297 - Driver

Concept ID: 297
Name: Driver
Definition: shots where the driver of a vehicle can be seen
Labeled: Yes

298 - Elephants

Concept ID: 298
Name: Elephants
Definition: shots of elephants
Labeled: Yes

299 - Emergency_Vehicles

Concept ID: 299
Name: Emergency_Vehicles
Definition: police, fire and ambulances are the typical emergency vehicles, also included UN vehicles, but nothing military.
Labeled: Yes

300 - Empire_State

Concept ID: 300
Name: Empire_State
Definition: Images of the Empire state building in New York
Labeled: Yes

301 - Exploding_Ordinance

Concept ID: 301
Name: Exploding_Ordinance
Definition: Ordinance does not include small arms fire
Labeled: Yes

302 - Factory

Concept ID: 302
Name: Factory
Definition: A building or set of buildings with facilities for manufacturing. Only shots which can individually be determined to contain the definition of the feature were annotated as 'positive'. If a shot does not contain the whole of the structure yet is certain to be the feature to the human eye, it was labelled as 'positive'. Oil rigs were ignored.
Labeled: Yes

303 - Farms

Concept ID: 303
Name: Farms
Definition: Scenes where you see farms
Labeled: Yes

304 - Fields

Concept ID: 304
Name: Fields
Definition: outdoor scenes showing fields
Labeled: Yes

305 - Fish

Concept ID: 305
Name: Fish
Definition: images of fish (include whales and dolphins)
Labeled: Yes

306 - Flags

Concept ID: 306
Name: Flags
Definition: Frames containing footage of actual physical flags. We did not count symbols of flags (such as a flag design painted a non-flag object and computer graphic flags such as those used in segues) or banners.
Labeled: Yes

307 - Flowers

Concept ID: 307
Name: Flowers
Definition: pictures of flowers
Labeled: Yes

308 - Pedestrian_Zone

Concept ID: 308
Name: Pedestrian_Zone
Definition: shots of pedestrian zones and walkways for people only
Labeled: Yes

309 - Free_Standing_Structures

Concept ID: 309
Name: Free_Standing_Structures
Definition: Included are Billboard, Display Signs, Fountain, Monument, Oil Rig (both on sea or land), Scoreboard, Statue, Storage Tanks, Street Signs, Tent, Windmill, Towers, Walls, Bridges, Tower Cranes, Pipelines, Greenhouses, Freestanding overhangs. Excluded are: Posters, Buildings, Soccer Goals/Basketball hoops, Ads, Telephone/Electical/Light poles, Towers connected to buildings, Indoor busts, Flagpoles, Rubble walls
Labeled: Yes

310 - Freighter

Concept ID: 310
Name: Freighter
Definition: shots of freight ships
Labeled: Yes

311 - Frigate

Concept ID: 311
Name: Frigate
Definition: shots of smaller warships, must have guns
Labeled: Yes

312 - Furniture

Concept ID: 312
Name: Furniture
Definition: TV is not furniture. Tabletop is furniture (if it is a main part of the scene), Patio umbrella is furniture, Voting booth tables are furniture, Frames where people were sitting on a sofa were counted as containing furniture as long as the sofa was easily visible, An easel is furniture, Podiums are funiture as long as the actual podium is in the frame (microphones dont count), bookcases are funiture, auditorium seating is furniture, Beds are furniture, art is not furniture, coffin is not furniture, cafeteria tables are furniture, school desks are furniture, church seating is not furniture, mattresses are furniture , grandfather clock is furniture, music stands are not furniture, outdoor benches are not furniture, countertops are not furniture, ping pong tables are furniture, piano is furniture.
Labeled: Yes

313 - George_Bush

Concept ID: 313
Name: George_Bush
Definition: Images of U.S. President George W. Bush
Labeled: Yes

314 - Glasses

Concept ID: 314
Name: Glasses
Definition: people wearing regular (non-tinted) glasses
Labeled: Yes

315 - Grandstands_Bleachers

Concept ID: 315
Name: Grandstands_Bleachers
Definition: shots of grandstands or bleachers included shots of bleachers that were so full of people that the actual seats cannot be seen.
Labeled: Yes

316 - Group

Concept ID: 316
Name: Group
Definition: We defined a group as 3-10 people. It only included shots of 3-10 people, not animals, such as pets, nor animationed people, such as in previews of "The Incredibles."
Labeled: Yes

317 - Handguns

Concept ID: 317
Name: Handguns
Definition: hand-held guns
Labeled: Yes

318 - Harbor_Dock

Concept ID: 318
Name: Harbor_Dock
Labeled: No

319 - Harbors

Concept ID: 319
Name: Harbors
Definition: harbors and marinas, Included shots of docks. We did not include shots of offshore oil rigs, piers that did not look like they belonged to a harbor or boat dock, or whitewater rafts on a non-dock shore.
Labeled: Yes

320 - Sketches

Concept ID: 320
Name: Sketches
Definition: excluding posters, graphics, animated cartoons/commercials, artwork that is not sketched, grafitti
Labeled: Yes

321 - Helicopters

Concept ID: 321
Name: Helicopters
Definition: Helicopters
Labeled: Yes

322 - Horse

Concept ID: 322
Name: Horse
Definition: images of horses and ponies
Labeled: Yes

323 - Houseboat

Concept ID: 323
Name: Houseboat
Definition: shots of house boats
Labeled: Yes

324 - Hu_Jintao

Concept ID: 324
Name: Hu_Jintao
Definition: Images of Chinese President Hu Jintao
Labeled: Yes

325 - Pope

Concept ID: 325
Name: Pope
Definition: Images of the pope
Labeled: Yes

326 - Infants

Concept ID: 326
Name: Infants
Definition: pictures of infants, are children that are barely walking [separate from babies]
Labeled: Yes

327 - Insurgents

Concept ID: 327
Name: Insurgents
Definition: images of insurgents/armed people/soldiers but not in any uniform
Labeled: Yes

328 - Interview_2_People_Visible

Concept ID: 328
Name: Interview_2_People_Visible
Labeled: No

329 - Interview_Sequences

Concept ID: 329
Name: Interview_Sequences
Definition: a series of shots that constitute an interview, mark all the shots as "interviewSequence". There should never be a single shot marked that way, always a sequence only. This sequence can include the anchor, the interviewee and shots where both appear together.
Labeled: Yes

330 - Interview_On_Location

Concept ID: 330
Name: Interview_On_Location
Definition: interviews outside of the studio Includes: Staged interviews out of studio, Military/Legal analysts, Government speakers in congress, Ambiguous reporters. Excludes: The actual reporter, Interviews in the studio, Commercials/Non media programming, Other journalists reporting, Interviews with someone in the studio, Yelling at camera/Mobs, Obvious press conference without sound(used as graphic), Photo Ops without interview/speaking, Hidden camera interviews, Ransom videos.
Labeled: Yes

331 - Islands

Concept ID: 331
Name: Islands
Definition: Included are shots of man-made islands.
Labeled: Yes

332 - Jacques_Chirac

Concept ID: 332
Name: Jacques_Chirac
Definition: Images of the French President, Jacques Chirac
Labeled: Yes

333 - John_Edwards

Concept ID: 333
Name: John_Edwards
Definition: Images of Senator and vice-presidential candidate John Edwards
Labeled: Yes

334 - John_Kerry

Concept ID: 334
Name: John_Kerry
Definition: Images of Senator and presidential candidate John Kerry
Labeled: Yes

335 - Lakes

Concept ID: 335
Name: Lakes
Definition: shots showing lakes and lakefront land
Labeled: Yes

336 - Landing_Craft

Concept ID: 336
Name: Landing_Craft
Definition: shots of ships designed for landing military troops and equipment on beaches
Labeled: Yes

337 - Landlines

Concept ID: 337
Name: Landlines
Definition: Old-style landline phones, must be attached with a cord.
Labeled: Yes

338 - Lighthouse

Concept ID: 338
Name: Lighthouse
Labeled: No

339 - Body_Parts

Concept ID: 339
Name: Body_Parts
Definition: parts of a human body
Labeled: Yes

340 - Machine_Guns

Concept ID: 340
Name: Machine_Guns
Definition: Machine guns include assault rifles
Labeled: Yes

341 - Medical_Personnel

Concept ID: 341
Name: Medical_Personnel
Definition: people who appear to belong to a medical profession, such as paramedics, first aid workers, doctors, nurses, anyone with a stethoscope, etc.
Labeled: Yes

342 - Microphones

Concept ID: 342
Name: Microphones
Definition: any microphone or device that captures sound. We did not include those tiny microphones anchors use. We also did not include "implied" microphones i.e. microphone has to be clearly visible
Labeled: Yes

343 - Microwave_Tower

Concept ID: 343
Name: Microwave_Tower
Definition: towers with antennas or antenna dishes for cell phone or microwave communication
Labeled: Yes

344 - Religious_Figure

Concept ID: 344
Name: Religious_Figure
Labeled: No

345 - Mosques

Concept ID: 345
Name: Mosques
Definition: muslim place of worship
Labeled: Yes

346 - Religious_Figures

Concept ID: 346
Name: Religious_Figures
Definition: Images of anybody who appears to be affiliated with an organized religion. Religious figures includes all religious positions including monks and nuns.
Labeled: Yes

347 - Motorcycle

Concept ID: 347
Name: Motorcycle
Definition: motorcycles, mopeds and motorscooter include any two-wheeled vehicle with an engine
Labeled: Yes

348 - Muddy_Scenes

Concept ID: 348
Name: Muddy_Scenes
Definition: Scenes where you can see what appears to be mud
Labeled: Yes

349 - Cutter

Concept ID: 349
Name: Cutter
Definition: shots of cutters (typical in coastal traffic)
Labeled: Yes

350 - Muslims

Concept ID: 350
Name: Muslims
Definition: people who appear to belong to an islamic faith
Labeled: Yes

351 - Newspapers

Concept ID: 351
Name: Newspapers
Definition: any newspaper but no tabloids.
Labeled: Yes

352 - Nighttime

Concept ID: 352
Name: Nighttime
Definition: shots that take place (outdoors) at night. Included is the continuation of story if ambiguous (if a story starts at night, it probably ends at night). Excluded are sports events under lights
Labeled: Yes

353 - Non-national_Flags

Concept ID: 353
Name: Non-national_Flags
Labeled: No

354 - Non-uniformed_Fighters

Concept ID: 354
Name: Non-uniformed_Fighters
Definition: Someone who is not wearing a uniform, but appears to be a combatant/fighter.
Labeled: Yes

355 - Observation_Tower

Concept ID: 355
Name: Observation_Tower
Labeled: No

356 - Oceans

Concept ID: 356
Name: Oceans
Definition: shots showing oceans or very large lakes
Labeled: Yes

357 - Office_Building

Concept ID: 357
Name: Office_Building
Definition: buildings whose primary purpose if to house offices
Labeled: Yes

358 - Officers

Concept ID: 358
Name: Officers
Definition: Military personnel that appear to have a distinguished rank, not just plain soldiers.
Labeled: Yes

359 - Old_People

Concept ID: 359
Name: Old_People
Definition: Seniors or elderly people
Labeled: Yes

360 - Outer_Space

Concept ID: 360
Name: Outer_Space
Definition: outer space shots, included are any animation or pictures that depicted outer space, so a drawn globe itself would not count, but a globe with the sun behind it or a lens flare counted
Labeled: Yes

361 - Overlaid_Text

Concept ID: 361
Name: Overlaid_Text
Definition: We are not using the scrolling text on the bottom to qualify a frame as having overlaid text. Also Excluded: The TV station/program watermark (the CNN, MSNBC, CCTV, etc. logo in the corner that remains there throughout an entire broadcast) and other such images considered to be symbols as opposed to text (even though it is made up of letters), and Computer-generated text that appears in the background, which appears behind a news anchor in the shot. Text that appears in the foreground, but the frame consists entirely of a computer graphics designed still image, and the text in question is part of the design.
Labeled: Yes

362 - Road_Overpass

Concept ID: 362
Name: Road_Overpass
Definition: shots where you see a road over something else (bridge)
Labeled: Yes

363 - Pavilions

Concept ID: 363
Name: Pavilions
Definition: buildings that are open on several sides, generally smaller than typical buildings
Labeled: Yes

364 - Peacekeepers

Concept ID: 364
Name: Peacekeepers
Definition: Shots that contain images of soldiers involved in peacekeeping efforts
Labeled: Yes

365 - Agricultural_People

Concept ID: 365
Name: Agricultural_People
Definition: People associated with agricultural activities: that is, people farming, tending to their farm animals, around farm or ranch buildings, working with crops, or crop storage, driving farm machinery, etc. Selling food at a roadside stand does NOT count (not selling, shops, etc.)
Labeled: Yes

366 - Telephones

Concept ID: 366
Name: Telephones
Definition: all kinds of phones. If only the headset is visible, it was not included
Labeled: Yes

367 - Phone_Booths

Concept ID: 367
Name: Phone_Booths
Definition: pay phones accessible in public places, usually outdoors
Labeled: Yes

368 - Photographers

Concept ID: 368
Name: Photographers
Definition: Shots that contain images of photographers, people taking pictures or filming
Labeled: Yes

369 - Pickup_Truck

Concept ID: 369
Name: Pickup_Truck
Definition: pickup trucks and box trucks (for delivery), also includes box/trailer
Labeled: Yes

370 - Pipelines

Concept ID: 370
Name: Pipelines
Definition: any pipe for the purpose of transporting oil or gas
Labeled: Yes

371 - Pipes

Concept ID: 371
Name: Pipes
Definition: Any kind of pipe that is visible. Excluded are Piped fences, Weapons (gun barrels), Solid metal cylindersm Faucets/taps, Fountains, Hoses
Labeled: Yes

372 - Police

Concept ID: 372
Name: Police
Definition: Images of policemen and women
Labeled: Yes

373 - Politicians

Concept ID: 373
Name: Politicians
Labeled: No

374 - Porches

Concept ID: 374
Name: Porches
Definition: overhang attached to houses; something that is covered by an overhang or roof, not a house or walled structure.
Labeled: Yes

375 - Powerplants

Concept ID: 375
Name: Powerplants
Definition: any large building where electricity is generated
Labeled: Yes

376 - Coal_Powerplants

Concept ID: 376
Name: Coal_Powerplants
Definition: any large building where electricity is generated through oil or coal burning
Labeled: Yes

377 - Hydroelectric_Powerplant

Concept ID: 377
Name: Hydroelectric_Powerplant
Definition: any large building where electricity is generated by use of water power
Labeled: Yes

378 - Nuclear_Powerplants

Concept ID: 378
Name: Nuclear_Powerplants
Definition: any large building where electricity is generated through nuclear fusion/fission
Labeled: Yes

379 - Wind_Powerplant

Concept ID: 379
Name: Wind_Powerplant
Definition: wind driven powerplant
Labeled: Yes

380 - Power_Transmission_Line_Tower

Concept ID: 380
Name: Power_Transmission_Line_Tower
Definition: towers that hold power lines
Labeled: Yes

381 - Powerlines

Concept ID: 381
Name: Powerlines
Definition: images of powerlines
Labeled: Yes

382 - Protesters

Concept ID: 382
Name: Protesters
Definition: People engaged in some form of protest
Labeled: Yes

383 - Colin_Powell

Concept ID: 383
Name: Colin_Powell
Definition: Images of the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell
Labeled: Yes

384 - Radar

Concept ID: 384
Name: Radar
Definition: radar radome, radar dome
Labeled: Yes

385 - Raft

Concept ID: 385
Name: Raft
Definition: shots of rafts and inflatable dinghies
Labeled: Yes

386 - Railroad

Concept ID: 386
Name: Railroad
Definition: railroads or trains on a track. Does not include shots from inside the train or looking out
Labeled: Yes

387 - Rainy

Concept ID: 387
Name: Rainy
Definition: Rainy Scenes includes slick roads, and rain on windows
Labeled: Yes

388 - Referees

Concept ID: 388
Name: Referees
Definition: Referees or umpires for sporting events
Labeled: Yes

389 - Refugees

Concept ID: 389
Name: Refugees
Definition: Images of refugees; displaced persons
Labeled: Yes

390 - Reporters

Concept ID: 390
Name: Reporters
Definition: images of reporters
Labeled: Yes

391 - Residential_Buildings

Concept ID: 391
Name: Residential_Buildings
Definition: buildings in which people live i.e. apartments and homes (as opposed to shops, factories, warehouses, etc.) Hotels/motels are not included in this group.
Labeled: Yes

392 - Rifles

Concept ID: 392
Name: Rifles
Definition: Rifles do not include mounted machine guns or belt loaded machine guns
Labeled: Yes

393 - Road_Block

Concept ID: 393
Name: Road_Block
Definition: images of road blocks
Labeled: Yes

394 - Traffic

Concept ID: 394
Name: Traffic
Definition: shots that show roads with traffic
Labeled: Yes

395 - Rocky_Ground

Concept ID: 395
Name: Rocky_Ground
Definition: rocky ground included ground that was rocky, very rough, or had debris
Labeled: Yes

396 - Rpg

Concept ID: 396
Name: Rpg
Definition: rocket propelled grenades and hand-held rocket launchers
Labeled: Yes

397 - Roof

Concept ID: 397
Name: Roof
Labeled: No

398 - Room

Concept ID: 398
Name: Room
Definition: room of a house (anything indoors, where there is a room in a house, but not an office or factory
Labeled: Yes

399 - Rowboat

Concept ID: 399
Name: Rowboat
Definition: boats propelled with oars
Labeled: Yes

400 - Runway

Concept ID: 400
Name: Runway
Definition: shots where an airport runway is visible. Any pictures depicting an airplane runway or any land that an airplane was using as a runway to take off or to land was counted.
Labeled: Yes

401 - Rv_Farm

Concept ID: 401
Name: Rv_Farm
Definition: RVs (recreational vehicles that you can sleep in and drive), farm vehicles including those carrying livestock such as horse, cattle, sheep, etc.
Labeled: Yes

402 - Sailboat

Concept ID: 402
Name: Sailboat
Definition: boats that could be propelled by sail
Labeled: Yes

403 - Scene_Text

Concept ID: 403
Name: Scene_Text
Definition: text on the screen that did not count overlays or computer generated text such as those used on a black background in an advertisement. Only scene text that was on a physical or virtual object such as a banner, button, or building (among many other things) was included.
Labeled: Yes

404 - Scientists

Concept ID: 404
Name: Scientists
Definition: Images of people who appear to be scientists
Labeled: Yes

405 - Ship

Concept ID: 405
Name: Ship
Definition: motorized and sailing vessels
Labeled: Yes

406 - Shipyards

Concept ID: 406
Name: Shipyards
Definition: shots depicting places where ships are built or repaired
Labeled: Yes

407 - Single_Family_Homes

Concept ID: 407
Name: Single_Family_Homes
Definition: residential buildings that are designed for a single family
Labeled: Yes

408 - Single_Person_Female

Concept ID: 408
Name: Single_Person_Female
Definition: a single female is visible, babies/infants are ignored when you can't tell the gender
Labeled: Yes

409 - Single_Person_Male

Concept ID: 409
Name: Single_Person_Male
Definition: a single male only is visible, no other people, babies/infants are ignored when you can't tell the gender
Labeled: Yes

410 - Single_Person

Concept ID: 410
Name: Single_Person
Definition: one person only is visible
Labeled: Yes

411 - Smoke_Stack

Concept ID: 411
Name: Smoke_Stack
Definition: tall chimneys and smoke stacks
Labeled: Yes

412 - Still_Image

Concept ID: 412
Name: Still_Image
Definition: Shots where a still image is shown (e.g. a photograph)
Labeled: Yes

413 - Soldiers

Concept ID: 413
Name: Soldiers
Definition: Military personnel without visible distinguishing rank.
Labeled: Yes

414 - Speaker_At_Podium

Concept ID: 414
Name: Speaker_At_Podium
Definition: People who were actually speaking at podiums, define as an elevated platform that can hold notes which requires the speaker to stand. So, we did not include shots of speakers standing in front of plain microphones with or without microphone stands, speakers sitting down at a table that has a microphone, and podiums that do not have a speaker occupying them. The only exception were a few shots in one single video where a speaker sat on an elevated chair behind a podium.
Labeled: Yes

415 - Sports

Concept ID: 415
Name: Sports
Definition: active sports scenes included jogging/running and players performing sport; excluded: fans at sporting events (including benched players); sports in music; video sports equipment; celebrating after/before sporting event
Labeled: Yes

416 - Stock_Market

Concept ID: 416
Name: Stock_Market
Definition: includes images of Bond Markets, Exchange/Interest Rates, Commodities, Individual quotes, board of actual quotes. Excludes Scrolling quote, Graphic quotes
Labeled: Yes

417 - Store

Concept ID: 417
Name: Store
Definition: Shots of stores included outsides of stores as well as inside store shots (few). We did not include mechanic shops, but included restaurants. Excluded banks and casinos.
Labeled: Yes

418 - Streets

Concept ID: 418
Name: Streets
Definition: regular paved streets (not highways, dirt roads, or special types of road)
Labeled: Yes

419 - Striking_People

Concept ID: 419
Name: Striking_People
Definition: Images of people on strike
Labeled: Yes

420 - Submarine

Concept ID: 420
Name: Submarine
Definition: subs
Labeled: Yes

421 - Suits

Concept ID: 421
Name: Suits
Definition: Men in suits
Labeled: Yes

422 - Sunglasses

Concept ID: 422
Name: Sunglasses
Definition: People wearing or holding sunglasses
Labeled: Yes

423 - Sunny

Concept ID: 423
Name: Sunny
Definition: Sunny Scenes may also be inside. In general, if it would be uncomfortable to look towards the sun, it is a sunny scene.
Labeled: Yes

424 - Swimmer

Concept ID: 424
Name: Swimmer
Definition: Shots showing a person swimming
Labeled: Yes

425 - Swimming_Pools

Concept ID: 425
Name: Swimming_Pools
Definition: Shots with swimming pools
Labeled: Yes

426 - Tanks

Concept ID: 426
Name: Tanks
Definition: military tanks with guns. APCs/armored vehicles are not tanks
Labeled: Yes

427 - Tanker

Concept ID: 427
Name: Tanker
Definition: boats carrying oil or gas
Labeled: No

428 - Television_Tower

Concept ID: 428
Name: Television_Tower
Labeled: Yes

429 - Text_Labeling_People

Concept ID: 429
Name: Text_Labeling_People
Definition: shots of people that are described with text on the screen. Included Reporters, Media Ads with label and picture, Last name, one person in the frame. Exclude: Scrolling credits, Phone labeling without an image of the person, Last name with more then one person in the frame, Credits in Chinese, Scrolling stories/unchanging headlines.
Labeled: Yes

430 - Text_On_Artificial_Background

Concept ID: 430
Name: Text_On_Artificial_Background
Definition: Images that contain only text on an artificial background. No billboard close-up, not a congressman with his name and party overlaid below, but just text (could be english, arabic or chinese) on top of some synthetic graphics background. Ignored the scrolling text line on the bottom in all cases, as that news is never relevant to the current story. Included: Full screen credits, Full screen graphic over image, Graphic in focus with person looking from camera (face as graphic), Partial full screen text. Excluded: Names of reporters, Text over focused people, Partial graphic over real image, Map only, Pictures of newspapers.
Labeled: Yes

431 - Storms

Concept ID: 431
Name: Storms
Definition: Outdoor scenes of stormy weather, thunderstorms, lightning.
Labeled: Yes

432 - Ties

Concept ID: 432
Name: Ties
Definition: Men wearing ties
Labeled: Yes

433 - Tony_Blair

Concept ID: 433
Name: Tony_Blair
Definition: Images of British Prime Minister Tony Blair
Labeled: Yes

434 - Tower

Concept ID: 434
Name: Tower
Definition: any structure that is a tower, skyscrapers do not count as towers
Labeled: Yes

435 - Trees

Concept ID: 435
Name: Trees
Definition: Shots where trees are visible
Labeled: Yes

436 - Tropical_Settings

Concept ID: 436
Name: Tropical_Settings
Definition: scenes in tropical settings with appropriate vegetation. Include true tropical rain forests, and almost tropical settings, i.e a backyard full of palm trees
Labeled: Yes

437 - Tugboat

Concept ID: 437
Name: Tugboat
Definition: boats designed to push/pull other vessels (e.g. barges) around
Labeled: Yes

438 - Un_Building

Concept ID: 438
Name: Un_Building
Definition: images of the UN building in New York, where the UN assembly`< meets
Labeled: Yes

439 - Underpass

Concept ID: 439
Name: Underpass
Labeled: No

440 - Valleys

Concept ID: 440
Name: Valleys
Definition: Images of valleys (scenery). Can be with a mountain or viewed from a mountain.
Labeled: Yes

441 - Vending_Stands

Concept ID: 441
Name: Vending_Stands
Definition: Images of vending stands, where people can buy something
Labeled: Yes

442 - Sidewalks

Concept ID: 442
Name: Sidewalks
Definition: images of sidewalks or walkways. Included are Paved plazas, Crosswalks. Excluded are Roads, Parking Lots, Docks, Anything indoors, Helipads/Airports, Medians in roads, Stairs to Houses
Labeled: Yes

443 - Water_Tower

Concept ID: 443
Name: Water_Tower
Definition: towers that hold water
Labeled: Yes

444 - Waterways

Concept ID: 444
Name: Waterways
Definition: Waterways that are navigable, i.e. where a motorized ship could get through - if you see a ship on them, then it's obvious otherwise it's a guess from the appearance
Labeled: Yes

445 - Weapons

Concept ID: 445
Name: Weapons
Definition: Considered weapons: Spent cases, Non accidental explosions, Molotov cocktails. Not considered weapons: Paintball Guns/Tasers, Insecticide guns/helicopters, Exploded cars, Bullet holes, Unarmed Military aircrafts, Concealed weapons, Weapons not used for harm (dramatizations/commercials), Holstered Batons, Barbed wire, Stones, Out of date weapons (cannons), Ceremonial swords.
Labeled: Yes

446 - White_House

Concept ID: 446
Name: White_House
Definition: images of the white house in Washington, DC
Labeled: Yes

447 - Windy

Concept ID: 447
Name: Windy
Definition: Scenes showing windy weather
Labeled: Yes

448 - Yasser_Arafat

Concept ID: 448
Name: Yasser_Arafat
Definition: Images of Palestinian president Yasser Arafat
Labeled: Yes

449 - Zoos

Concept ID: 449
Name: Zoos
Definition: Images from a zoo or other facility where live animals are on display
Labeled: Yes

450 - 3_Or_More_People

Concept ID: 450
Name: 3_Or_More_People
Labeled: No

451 - Abbey

Concept ID: 451
Name: Abbey
Labeled: No

452 - Aborigines

Concept ID: 452
Name: Aborigines
Labeled: No

453 - Abused_Child

Concept ID: 453
Name: Abused_Child
Labeled: No

454 - Abused_Woman

Concept ID: 454
Name: Abused_Woman
Labeled: No

455 - Accident

Concept ID: 455
Name: Accident
Labeled: No

456 - Accountants

Concept ID: 456
Name: Accountants
Labeled: No

457 - Administrator

Concept ID: 457
Name: Administrator
Labeled: No

458 - Advertisement_Commercial

Concept ID: 458
Name: Advertisement_Commercial
Labeled: No

459 - Advocate

Concept ID: 459
Name: Advocate
Labeled: No

460 - Aerobics

Concept ID: 460
Name: Aerobics
Labeled: No

461 - Aggressor

Concept ID: 461
Name: Aggressor
Labeled: No

462 - Air_Raid_Shelter

Concept ID: 462
Name: Air_Raid_Shelter
Labeled: No

463 - Airport

Concept ID: 463
Name: Airport
Definition: aircraft parking areas or runways must be visible
Labeled: Yes

464 - Alien

Concept ID: 464
Name: Alien
Labeled: No

465 - Altar

Concept ID: 465
Name: Altar
Labeled: No

466 - Altar_Boys

Concept ID: 466
Name: Altar_Boys
Labeled: No

467 - Ambassador

Concept ID: 467
Name: Ambassador
Labeled: No

468 - Amish

Concept ID: 468
Name: Amish
Labeled: No

469 - Angler

Concept ID: 469
Name: Angler
Labeled: No

470 - Animal_Shelter

Concept ID: 470
Name: Animal_Shelter
Labeled: No

471 - Animation_Cartoon

Concept ID: 471
Name: Animation_Cartoon
Labeled: No

472 - Apprentices

Concept ID: 472
Name: Apprentices
Labeled: No

473 - Arboretum

Concept ID: 473
Name: Arboretum
Labeled: No

474 - Arcade

Concept ID: 474
Name: Arcade
Labeled: No

475 - Architect

Concept ID: 475
Name: Architect
Labeled: No

476 - Armory

Concept ID: 476
Name: Armory
Labeled: No

477 - Arsenal

Concept ID: 477
Name: Arsenal
Labeled: No

478 - Art_Gallery

Concept ID: 478
Name: Art_Gallery
Labeled: No

479 - Artist

Concept ID: 479
Name: Artist
Labeled: No

480 - Astronaut_Cosmonaut

Concept ID: 480
Name: Astronaut_Cosmonaut
Labeled: No

481 - Astronomer

Concept ID: 481
Name: Astronomer
Labeled: No

482 - Awards_Ceremony

Concept ID: 482
Name: Awards_Ceremony
Labeled: No

483 - Back_Yard

Concept ID: 483
Name: Back_Yard
Labeled: No

484 - Baker

Concept ID: 484
Name: Baker
Labeled: Yes

485 - Balloonist

Concept ID: 485
Name: Balloonist
Labeled: No

486 - Ballroom

Concept ID: 486
Name: Ballroom
Labeled: No

487 - Banks

Concept ID: 487
Name: Banks
Definition: building housing banks, including stock exchanges
Labeled: Yes

488 - Banker

Concept ID: 488
Name: Banker
Labeled: No

489 - Banquet_Hall

Concept ID: 489
Name: Banquet_Hall
Labeled: No

490 - Barracks

Concept ID: 490
Name: Barracks
Definition: buildings where miltary personnel are housed
Labeled: Yes

491 - Barrier

Concept ID: 491
Name: Barrier
Labeled: No

492 - Bartender

Concept ID: 492
Name: Bartender
Labeled: No

493 - Basement

Concept ID: 493
Name: Basement
Labeled: No

494 - Bathhouse

Concept ID: 494
Name: Bathhouse
Labeled: No

495 - Battlefield

Concept ID: 495
Name: Battlefield
Labeled: No

496 - Bay

Concept ID: 496
Name: Bay
Labeled: No

497 - Bell_Boy

Concept ID: 497
Name: Bell_Boy
Labeled: No

498 - Billboard

Concept ID: 498
Name: Billboard
Labeled: No

499 - Bishop

Concept ID: 499
Name: Bishop
Labeled: No

500 - Blimp

Concept ID: 500
Name: Blimp
Labeled: No

501 - Boardwalk

Concept ID: 501
Name: Boardwalk
Labeled: No

502 - Boat

Concept ID: 502
Name: Boat
Labeled: No

503 - Boathouse

Concept ID: 503
Name: Boathouse
Labeled: No

504 - Boiler_Room

Concept ID: 504
Name: Boiler_Room
Labeled: No

505 - Bomb

Concept ID: 505
Name: Bomb
Labeled: No

506 - Box_Truck

Concept ID: 506
Name: Box_Truck
Labeled: No

507 - Boy_Scout

Concept ID: 507
Name: Boy_Scout
Labeled: No

508 - Xxx

Concept ID: 508
Name: Xxx
Labeled: No

509 - Bull

Concept ID: 509
Name: Bull
Labeled: No

510 - Bullet

Concept ID: 510
Name: Bullet
Labeled: No

511 - Bus_Driver

Concept ID: 511
Name: Bus_Driver
Labeled: No

512 - Bus_Terminal

Concept ID: 512
Name: Bus_Terminal
Labeled: No

513 - Bush_Pilot

Concept ID: 513
Name: Bush_Pilot
Labeled: No

514 - Businessman

Concept ID: 514
Name: Businessman
Labeled: No

515 - Businesswoman

Concept ID: 515
Name: Businesswoman
Labeled: No

516 - Butcher

Concept ID: 516
Name: Butcher
Labeled: No

517 - Butcher_Shop

Concept ID: 517
Name: Butcher_Shop
Labeled: No

518 - Butler

Concept ID: 518
Name: Butler
Labeled: No

519 - Farm_Buildings

Concept ID: 519
Name: Farm_Buildings
Labeled: No

520 - Cafeteria

Concept ID: 520
Name: Cafeteria
Labeled: No

521 - Campground

Concept ID: 521
Name: Campground
Labeled: No

522 - Canyons

Concept ID: 522
Name: Canyons
Definition: shots that show canyons
Labeled: No

523 - Horse_Donkey_Cart

Concept ID: 523
Name: Horse_Donkey_Cart
Labeled: No

524 - Casino

Concept ID: 524
Name: Casino
Labeled: No

525 - Cellar

Concept ID: 525
Name: Cellar
Labeled: No

526 - Ceremony

Concept ID: 526
Name: Ceremony
Labeled: No

527 - Ceremony

Concept ID: 527
Name: Ceremony
Labeled: No

528 - Cfo_Managing_Director_Media_Manager_Etc

Concept ID: 528
Name: Cfo_Managing_Director_Media_Manager_Etc
Labeled: No

529 - Chaplain

Concept ID: 529
Name: Chaplain
Labeled: No

530 - Chauffeur_Driver

Concept ID: 530
Name: Chauffeur_Driver
Labeled: No

531 - Choir

Concept ID: 531
Name: Choir
Labeled: No

532 - Church

Concept ID: 532
Name: Church
Labeled: No

533 - Clerical_Worker

Concept ID: 533
Name: Clerical_Worker
Labeled: No

534 - Cliffs

Concept ID: 534
Name: Cliffs
Definition: shots that show steep cliffs on the side of hills or mountains
Labeled: No

535 - Clocks

Concept ID: 535
Name: Clocks
Definition: buildings that display a clock, any clocks on towers, walls or buildings.
Labeled: Yes

536 - Closet

Concept ID: 536
Name: Closet
Labeled: No

537 - Clown

Concept ID: 537
Name: Clown
Labeled: No

538 - Coffee_Shop

Concept ID: 538
Name: Coffee_Shop
Labeled: No

539 - Colonel_Rank

Concept ID: 539
Name: Colonel_Rank
Labeled: No

540 - Commercial

Concept ID: 540
Name: Commercial
Labeled: No

541 - Network_Logo

Concept ID: 541
Name: Network_Logo
Definition: Images of network logos (not the ones in the corner of the screen)
Labeled: Yes

542 - Computer_Nerd

Concept ID: 542
Name: Computer_Nerd
Labeled: No

543 - Concerts

Concept ID: 543
Name: Concerts
Labeled: No

544 - Conveyer

Concept ID: 544
Name: Conveyer
Labeled: No

545 - Cook_Chef

Concept ID: 545
Name: Cook_Chef
Labeled: No

546 - Couple

Concept ID: 546
Name: Couple
Labeled: No

547 - Courtyard

Concept ID: 547
Name: Courtyard
Labeled: No

548 - Cowboys

Concept ID: 548
Name: Cowboys
Labeled: No

549 - Creek

Concept ID: 549
Name: Creek
Labeled: No

550 - Criminals

Concept ID: 550
Name: Criminals
Labeled: No

551 - Dams

Concept ID: 551
Name: Dams
Definition: images of dams and water reservoirs, i.e. places and structures to contain water. Includes inside view of dams.
Labeled: No

552 - Dancer

Concept ID: 552
Name: Dancer
Labeled: No

553 - Demonstrators

Concept ID: 553
Name: Demonstrators
Labeled: No

554 - Dentist

Concept ID: 554
Name: Dentist
Labeled: No

555 - Depot_Station

Concept ID: 555
Name: Depot_Station
Labeled: No

556 - Designer

Concept ID: 556
Name: Designer
Labeled: No

557 - Detective

Concept ID: 557
Name: Detective
Labeled: No

558 - Diplomat

Concept ID: 558
Name: Diplomat
Labeled: No

559 - Disc_Jockey

Concept ID: 559
Name: Disc_Jockey
Labeled: No

560 - Disco

Concept ID: 560
Name: Disco
Labeled: No

561 - Disembodied_Body_Parts

Concept ID: 561
Name: Disembodied_Body_Parts
Labeled: No

562 - Dishwasher

Concept ID: 562
Name: Dishwasher
Labeled: No

563 - Display_Signs

Concept ID: 563
Name: Display_Signs
Labeled: No

564 - Dock_Worker

Concept ID: 564
Name: Dock_Worker
Labeled: No

565 - Dockyard

Concept ID: 565
Name: Dockyard
Labeled: No

566 - Doorman

Concept ID: 566
Name: Doorman
Labeled: No

567 - Drive-in_Theaters

Concept ID: 567
Name: Drive-in_Theaters
Labeled: No

568 - Drug_Addict

Concept ID: 568
Name: Drug_Addict
Labeled: No

569 - Dump

Concept ID: 569
Name: Dump
Labeled: No

570 - Eaters

Concept ID: 570
Name: Eaters
Labeled: No

571 - Eclipse

Concept ID: 571
Name: Eclipse
Labeled: No

572 - Election_Campaign:_Soliciting_The_Voters

Concept ID: 572
Name: Election_Campaign:_Soliciting_The_Voters
Labeled: No

573 - Election_Campaign:_Town-hall_Meeting

Concept ID: 573
Name: Election_Campaign:_Town-hall_Meeting
Labeled: No

574 - Elevated

Concept ID: 574
Name: Elevated
Labeled: No

575 - Emergency_Incident

Concept ID: 575
Name: Emergency_Incident
Labeled: No

576 - Engineer

Concept ID: 576
Name: Engineer
Labeled: No

577 - Entertainer

Concept ID: 577
Name: Entertainer
Labeled: No

578 - Executive

Concept ID: 578
Name: Executive
Labeled: No

579 - Extended_Family

Concept ID: 579
Name: Extended_Family
Labeled: No

580 - Family_Group

Concept ID: 580
Name: Family_Group
Labeled: No

581 - Rv_Farm

Concept ID: 581
Name: Rv_Farm
Definition: RVs (recreational vehicles that you can sleep in and drive), farm vehicles including those carrying livestock such as horse, cattle, sheep, etc.
Labeled: No

582 - Farmer

Concept ID: 582
Name: Farmer
Labeled: No

583 - Festival

Concept ID: 583
Name: Festival
Labeled: No

584 - Filmgoer

Concept ID: 584
Name: Filmgoer
Labeled: No

585 - Fingers

Concept ID: 585
Name: Fingers
Labeled: No

586 - Firefighting

Concept ID: 586
Name: Firefighting
Labeled: No

587 - Firing_Squad

Concept ID: 587
Name: Firing_Squad
Labeled: No

588 - Fisherman_Commercial

Concept ID: 588
Name: Fisherman_Commercial
Labeled: No

589 - Fjord

Concept ID: 589
Name: Fjord
Labeled: No

590 - Flight_Attendant

Concept ID: 590
Name: Flight_Attendant
Labeled: No

591 - Florists

Concept ID: 591
Name: Florists
Labeled: No

592 - Foggy

Concept ID: 592
Name: Foggy
Labeled: No

593 - Foreign_Minister

Concept ID: 593
Name: Foreign_Minister
Labeled: No

594 - Fortune_Teller

Concept ID: 594
Name: Fortune_Teller
Labeled: No

595 - Fountain

Concept ID: 595
Name: Fountain
Labeled: No

596 - Gang_Members

Concept ID: 596
Name: Gang_Members
Labeled: No

597 - Garage

Concept ID: 597
Name: Garage
Labeled: No

598 - Garden

Concept ID: 598
Name: Garden
Labeled: No

599 - Gardener

Concept ID: 599
Name: Gardener
Labeled: No

600 - Geisha

Concept ID: 600
Name: Geisha
Labeled: No

601 - General_Rank

Concept ID: 601
Name: General_Rank
Labeled: No

602 - Glassblower

Concept ID: 602
Name: Glassblower
Labeled: No

603 - Grain_Bin

Concept ID: 603
Name: Grain_Bin
Labeled: No

604 - Grandfather

Concept ID: 604
Name: Grandfather
Labeled: No

605 - Grandmother

Concept ID: 605
Name: Grandmother
Labeled: No

606 - Grandparents

Concept ID: 606
Name: Grandparents
Labeled: No

607 - Granery

Concept ID: 607
Name: Granery
Labeled: No

608 - Grenade

Concept ID: 608
Name: Grenade
Labeled: No

609 - Ground_Vehicles

Concept ID: 609
Name: Ground_Vehicles
Definition: Vehicles refers to ground vehicles, which includes any of the following: Agricultural vehicle (tractor,combine), Armored vehicle, Automobile, Bicycle, Bus, Construction vehicle, Emergency vehicle, Limousine, Livestock carrier, Motor Scooter, Motorcycle, Truck, Box truck, Pickup truck, RV, bulldozer, quads. Excludes interior of cars, vehicles badly destroyed.
Labeled: Yes

610 - Guarding

Concept ID: 610
Name: Guarding
Labeled: No

611 - Gully

Concept ID: 611
Name: Gully
Labeled: No

612 - Gun_Shot

Concept ID: 612
Name: Gun_Shot
Labeled: No

613 - Hairdresser

Concept ID: 613
Name: Hairdresser
Labeled: No

614 - Harem

Concept ID: 614
Name: Harem
Labeled: No

615 - Headmaster_Principal

Concept ID: 615
Name: Headmaster_Principal
Labeled: No

616 - Hiker

Concept ID: 616
Name: Hiker
Labeled: No

617 - Hindu

Concept ID: 617
Name: Hindu
Labeled: No

618 - Hippie

Concept ID: 618
Name: Hippie
Labeled: No

619 - Hispanic_Person

Concept ID: 619
Name: Hispanic_Person
Labeled: No

620 - Hockey_<10

Concept ID: 620
Name: Hockey_<10
Labeled: No

621 - Home_Office

Concept ID: 621
Name: Home_Office
Labeled: No

622 - Homeless_Person_Hobo

Concept ID: 622
Name: Homeless_Person_Hobo
Labeled: No

623 - Homosexual_-_Gay

Concept ID: 623
Name: Homosexual_-_Gay
Labeled: No

624 - Homosexual_-_Lesbian

Concept ID: 624
Name: Homosexual_-_Lesbian
Labeled: No

625 - Hopper

Concept ID: 625
Name: Hopper
Labeled: No

626 - Hotel_Employee

Concept ID: 626
Name: Hotel_Employee
Labeled: No

627 - Hotel_Porter

Concept ID: 627
Name: Hotel_Porter
Labeled: No

628 - Housekeeper_Maid

Concept ID: 628
Name: Housekeeper_Maid
Labeled: No

629 - Housewife

Concept ID: 629
Name: Housewife
Labeled: No

630 - Hurricane_Typhoon

Concept ID: 630
Name: Hurricane_Typhoon
Labeled: No

631 - Ice_Cream_Man

Concept ID: 631
Name: Ice_Cream_Man
Labeled: No

632 - Iconic_Location

Concept ID: 632
Name: Iconic_Location
Labeled: No

633 - Imam

Concept ID: 633
Name: Imam
Labeled: No

634 - Immigrants

Concept ID: 634
Name: Immigrants
Labeled: No

635 - Indian_Person

Concept ID: 635
Name: Indian_Person
Labeled: No

636 - Infantry

Concept ID: 636
Name: Infantry
Labeled: No

637 - Instumental_Musician

Concept ID: 637
Name: Instumental_Musician
Labeled: No

638 - Insurance_Agent

Concept ID: 638
Name: Insurance_Agent
Labeled: No

639 - Interviewee_News_Subject_Monolog_Live_On_Location

Concept ID: 639
Name: Interviewee_News_Subject_Monolog_Live_On_Location
Labeled: No

640 - Japanese

Concept ID: 640
Name: Japanese
Labeled: No

641 - Jew

Concept ID: 641
Name: Jew
Labeled: No

642 - Jockey

Concept ID: 642
Name: Jockey
Labeled: No

643 - Jungle

Concept ID: 643
Name: Jungle
Labeled: No

644 - Junkyard

Concept ID: 644
Name: Junkyard
Labeled: No

645 - Knife

Concept ID: 645
Name: Knife
Labeled: No

646 - Korean

Concept ID: 646
Name: Korean
Labeled: No

647 - Labeled_People

Concept ID: 647
Name: Labeled_People
Labeled: No

648 - Large_Group

Concept ID: 648
Name: Large_Group
Labeled: No

649 - Launcher

Concept ID: 649
Name: Launcher
Labeled: No

650 - Lecture_Hall

Concept ID: 650
Name: Lecture_Hall
Labeled: No

651 - Briefing_Room_Setting

Concept ID: 651
Name: Briefing_Room_Setting
Labeled: No

652 - Legs

Concept ID: 652
Name: Legs
Labeled: No

653 - Library

Concept ID: 653
Name: Library
Labeled: No

654 - Lifeguard

Concept ID: 654
Name: Lifeguard
Labeled: No

655 - Limousines

Concept ID: 655
Name: Limousines
Labeled: No

656 - Lion_Tamer

Concept ID: 656
Name: Lion_Tamer
Labeled: No

657 - Livestock_Carrier

Concept ID: 657
Name: Livestock_Carrier
Labeled: No

658 - Living_Room

Concept ID: 658
Name: Living_Room
Labeled: No

659 - Loading_Dock

Concept ID: 659
Name: Loading_Dock
Labeled: No

660 - Lobby

Concept ID: 660
Name: Lobby
Labeled: No

661 - Lumberjack_Tree_Cutter

Concept ID: 661
Name: Lumberjack_Tree_Cutter
Labeled: No

662 - Lumberyard

Concept ID: 662
Name: Lumberyard
Labeled: No

663 - Magician

Concept ID: 663
Name: Magician
Labeled: No

664 - Major_Rank

Concept ID: 664
Name: Major_Rank
Labeled: No

665 - Mannequins

Concept ID: 665
Name: Mannequins
Labeled: No

666 - Manufacturing_Plant

Concept ID: 666
Name: Manufacturing_Plant
Labeled: No

667 - Marines

Concept ID: 667
Name: Marines
Labeled: No

668 - Matador_Bullfighter

Concept ID: 668
Name: Matador_Bullfighter
Labeled: No

669 - Mathematician

Concept ID: 669
Name: Mathematician
Labeled: No

670 - Meadows

Concept ID: 670
Name: Meadows
Labeled: No

671 - Mechanics

Concept ID: 671
Name: Mechanics
Labeled: No

672 - Medical_Doctor

Concept ID: 672
Name: Medical_Doctor
Labeled: No

673 - Meeting_Setting

Concept ID: 673
Name: Meeting_Setting
Labeled: No

674 - Member_Of_Parliament

Concept ID: 674
Name: Member_Of_Parliament
Labeled: No

675 - Memorial_Services

Concept ID: 675
Name: Memorial_Services
Labeled: No

676 - Men_In_Women's_Clothing

Concept ID: 676
Name: Men_In_Women's_Clothing
Labeled: No

677 - Military_Buildings

Concept ID: 677
Name: Military_Buildings
Definition: Buildings intended for use by the military, including barracks678
Labeled: Yes

678 - Milkman

Concept ID: 678
Name: Milkman
Labeled: No

679 - Mime

Concept ID: 679
Name: Mime
Labeled: No

680 - Mine

Concept ID: 680
Name: Mine
Labeled: No

681 - Miner

Concept ID: 681
Name: Miner
Labeled: No

682 - Missile

Concept ID: 682
Name: Missile
Labeled: No

683 - Mobile_Homes

Concept ID: 683
Name: Mobile_Homes
Definition: Images of mobile homes, a type of temporary building
Labeled: No

684 - Monument

Concept ID: 684
Name: Monument
Labeled: No

685 - Moonlight

Concept ID: 685
Name: Moonlight
Definition: Moonlight scenes, but this exludes scenes taken with night vision equipment/googles (usually with a very green tint)
Labeled: Yes

686 - More_Than_1_Person

Concept ID: 686
Name: More_Than_1_Person
Labeled: No

687 - Motor_Scooter

Concept ID: 687
Name: Motor_Scooter
Labeled: No

688 - Motorcyclist

Concept ID: 688
Name: Motorcyclist
Labeled: No

689 - Mudslide

Concept ID: 689
Name: Mudslide
Labeled: No

690 - Mullah

Concept ID: 690
Name: Mullah
Labeled: No

691 - Mummy

Concept ID: 691
Name: Mummy
Labeled: No

692 - Museum

Concept ID: 692
Name: Museum
Labeled: No

693 - Music_Hall

Concept ID: 693
Name: Music_Hall
Labeled: No

694 - Musician

Concept ID: 694
Name: Musician
Labeled: No

695 - Narrator

Concept ID: 695
Name: Narrator
Labeled: No

696 - Nascar

Concept ID: 696
Name: Nascar
Labeled: No

697 - Non-us_National_Flags

Concept ID: 697
Name: Non-us_National_Flags
Definition: Shots depicting a non-US national flag
Labeled: Yes

698 - Native_American

Concept ID: 698
Name: Native_American
Labeled: No

699 - Naval_Yards

Concept ID: 699
Name: Naval_Yards
Labeled: No

700 - Non-studio_Reporter

Concept ID: 700
Name: Non-studio_Reporter
Labeled: No

701 - Noses

Concept ID: 701
Name: Noses
Labeled: No

702 - Observation_Tower

Concept ID: 702
Name: Observation_Tower
Definition: towers designed for people to look out from, includes watch towers at borders or prisons
Labeled: Yes

703 - Observatory

Concept ID: 703
Name: Observatory
Labeled: No

704 - Oil_Rig

Concept ID: 704
Name: Oil_Rig
Labeled: No

705 - Opera_Singer

Concept ID: 705
Name: Opera_Singer
Labeled: No

706 - Packages

Concept ID: 706
Name: Packages
Definition: [TOO FEW FOUND] parcels or packages
Labeled: No

707 - Packages_Too_Few_Found_Parcels_Or_Packages

Concept ID: 707
Name: Packages_Too_Few_Found_Parcels_Or_Packages
Labeled: No

708 - Painter

Concept ID: 708
Name: Painter
Labeled: No

709 - Palace_Grand_Building

Concept ID: 709
Name: Palace_Grand_Building
Labeled: No

710 - Parachutist_Paratrooper

Concept ID: 710
Name: Parachutist_Paratrooper
Labeled: No

711 - People_Associated_With_Commercial_Activities

Concept ID: 711
Name: People_Associated_With_Commercial_Activities
Labeled: No

712 - People_Associated_With_Education_&_Communication

Concept ID: 712
Name: People_Associated_With_Education_&_Communication
Labeled: No

713 - People_Associated_With_Entertainment_&_Sports

Concept ID: 713
Name: People_Associated_With_Entertainment_&_Sports
Labeled: No

714 - People_Associated_With_Health_&_Safety

Concept ID: 714
Name: People_Associated_With_Health_&_Safety
Labeled: No

715 - People_Associated_With_Manual_Labor

Concept ID: 715
Name: People_Associated_With_Manual_Labor
Labeled: No

716 - Wetlands

Concept ID: 716
Name: Wetlands
Definition: Marshy areas, partially underwater but not a flood event
Labeled: No

717 - People_Associated_With_Politics_&_Government

Concept ID: 717
Name: People_Associated_With_Politics_&_Government
Labeled: No

718 - People_Associated_With_Religion

Concept ID: 718
Name: People_Associated_With_Religion
Labeled: No

719 - People_Associated_With_Transportation

Concept ID: 719
Name: People_Associated_With_Transportation
Labeled: No

720 - People_Of_Mixed_Descent

Concept ID: 720
Name: People_Of_Mixed_Descent
Labeled: No

721 - People_With_Computers

Concept ID: 721
Name: People_With_Computers
Labeled: No

722 - People_With_Disabilities

Concept ID: 722
Name: People_With_Disabilities
Labeled: No

723 - Photographs

Concept ID: 723
Name: Photographs
Labeled: No

724 - Pianist

Concept ID: 724
Name: Pianist
Labeled: No

725 - Picnic

Concept ID: 725
Name: Picnic
Labeled: No

726 - Picnic_Area

Concept ID: 726
Name: Picnic_Area
Labeled: No

727 - Pilgrims

Concept ID: 727
Name: Pilgrims
Labeled: No

728 - Pilot

Concept ID: 728
Name: Pilot
Labeled: No

729 - Pirate

Concept ID: 729
Name: Pirate
Labeled: No

730 - Pit

Concept ID: 730
Name: Pit
Labeled: No

731 - Plain_Old_Phone

Concept ID: 731
Name: Plain_Old_Phone
Labeled: No

732 - Playground

Concept ID: 732
Name: Playground
Labeled: No

733 - Political_Rally

Concept ID: 733
Name: Political_Rally
Labeled: No

734 - Pool_Hall

Concept ID: 734
Name: Pool_Hall
Labeled: No

735 - Xxx

Concept ID: 735
Name: Xxx
Labeled: No

736 - Port

Concept ID: 736
Name: Port
Labeled: No

737 - Post_Office

Concept ID: 737
Name: Post_Office
Labeled: No

738 - Postal_Delivery_Man

Concept ID: 738
Name: Postal_Delivery_Man
Labeled: No

739 - Power_Node

Concept ID: 739
Name: Power_Node
Labeled: No

740 - Pregnant_Women

Concept ID: 740
Name: Pregnant_Women
Labeled: No

741 - President

Concept ID: 741
Name: President
Labeled: No

742 - Priest

Concept ID: 742
Name: Priest
Labeled: No

743 - Professor

Concept ID: 743
Name: Professor
Labeled: No

744 - Program_Host

Concept ID: 744
Name: Program_Host
Labeled: No

745 - Program_Logo

Concept ID: 745
Name: Program_Logo
Labeled: No

746 - Prostitute

Concept ID: 746
Name: Prostitute
Labeled: No

747 - Pumping_Station

Concept ID: 747
Name: Pumping_Station
Labeled: No

748 - Quarry

Concept ID: 748
Name: Quarry
Labeled: No

749 - Rabbi

Concept ID: 749
Name: Rabbi
Labeled: No

750 - Race

Concept ID: 750
Name: Race
Labeled: No

751 - Racetrack

Concept ID: 751
Name: Racetrack
Labeled: No

752 - Raid

Concept ID: 752
Name: Raid
Labeled: No

753 - Railroad_Crossing

Concept ID: 753
Name: Railroad_Crossing
Labeled: No

754 - Railroad_Station

Concept ID: 754
Name: Railroad_Station
Labeled: No

755 - Railroads

Concept ID: 755
Name: Railroads
Definition: Shots showing railroad tracks, which have to be outdoors.
Labeled: Yes

756 - Railroad_Worker

Concept ID: 756
Name: Railroad_Worker
Labeled: No

757 - Railyard_Siding

Concept ID: 757
Name: Railyard_Siding
Labeled: No

758 - Ranch

Concept ID: 758
Name: Ranch
Labeled: No

759 - Religious_Leader

Concept ID: 759
Name: Religious_Leader
Labeled: No

760 - Rescue

Concept ID: 760
Name: Rescue
Labeled: No

761 - Rescue_Worker

Concept ID: 761
Name: Rescue_Worker
Labeled: No

762 - Restaurant

Concept ID: 762
Name: Restaurant
Labeled: No

763 - Retail_Store

Concept ID: 763
Name: Retail_Store
Labeled: No

764 - Rioter

Concept ID: 764
Name: Rioter
Labeled: No

765 - Robbery

Concept ID: 765
Name: Robbery
Labeled: No

766 - Royalty

Concept ID: 766
Name: Royalty
Labeled: No

767 - Sailor

Concept ID: 767
Name: Sailor
Labeled: No

768 - Sales_Clerks

Concept ID: 768
Name: Sales_Clerks
Labeled: No

769 - Sanatoriums

Concept ID: 769
Name: Sanatoriums
Labeled: No

770 - Sandy

Concept ID: 770
Name: Sandy
Labeled: No

771 - Santa_Claus

Concept ID: 771
Name: Santa_Claus
Labeled: No

772 - Scenic_Overlooks

Concept ID: 772
Name: Scenic_Overlooks
Labeled: No

773 - School

Concept ID: 773
Name: School
Labeled: No

774 - Scoreboard

Concept ID: 774
Name: Scoreboard
Labeled: No

775 - Senator

Concept ID: 775
Name: Senator
Labeled: No

776 - Seniors_Elderly

Concept ID: 776
Name: Seniors_Elderly
Labeled: No

777 - Sewage_Infrastructure

Concept ID: 777
Name: Sewage_Infrastructure
Labeled: No

778 - Shed

Concept ID: 778
Name: Shed
Labeled: No

779 - Shepherd_Goatherder

Concept ID: 779
Name: Shepherd_Goatherder
Labeled: No

780 - Ship_Captain

Concept ID: 780
Name: Ship_Captain
Labeled: No

781 - Shoppers

Concept ID: 781
Name: Shoppers
Labeled: No

782 - Shotgun

Concept ID: 782
Name: Shotgun
Labeled: No

783 - Sick_Person_Patient

Concept ID: 783
Name: Sick_Person_Patient
Labeled: No

784 - Silhouettes

Concept ID: 784
Name: Silhouettes
Labeled: No

785 - Silo

Concept ID: 785
Name: Silo
Labeled: No

786 - Silos_Above_Ground

Concept ID: 786
Name: Silos_Above_Ground
Labeled: No

787 - Singers

Concept ID: 787
Name: Singers
Labeled: No

788 - Skater

Concept ID: 788
Name: Skater
Labeled: No

789 - Skeleton

Concept ID: 789
Name: Skeleton
Labeled: No

790 - Ski

Concept ID: 790
Name: Ski
Definition: Images of ski slopes (scenery). Skiers do not have to be present.
Labeled: Yes

791 - Skull

Concept ID: 791
Name: Skull
Labeled: No

792 - Small_Group

Concept ID: 792
Name: Small_Group
Labeled: No

793 - Small_Town

Concept ID: 793
Name: Small_Town
Labeled: No

794 - Smoker

Concept ID: 794
Name: Smoker
Labeled: No

795 - Smoky

Concept ID: 795
Name: Smoky
Labeled: No

796 - Skipped_Concept_Number

Concept ID: 796
Name: Skipped_Concept_Number
Labeled: No

797 - Soldier_Firing

Concept ID: 797
Name: Soldier_Firing
Labeled: No

798 - Soldier_Patrol

Concept ID: 798
Name: Soldier_Patrol
Labeled: No

799 - Soldiers_Drilling

Concept ID: 799
Name: Soldiers_Drilling
Labeled: No

800 - Spa

Concept ID: 800
Name: Spa
Labeled: No

801 - Space_Shuttle_Landing

Concept ID: 801
Name: Space_Shuttle_Landing
Labeled: No

802 - Spectator_Organized_Event

Concept ID: 802
Name: Spectator_Organized_Event
Labeled: No

803 - Spider_Hole

Concept ID: 803
Name: Spider_Hole
Labeled: No

804 - Spokesperson

Concept ID: 804
Name: Spokesperson
Labeled: No

805 - Sports_Coach_Trainer

Concept ID: 805
Name: Sports_Coach_Trainer
Labeled: No

806 - Sports_Fan

Concept ID: 806
Name: Sports_Fan
Labeled: No

807 - Stand-up_Comedian

Concept ID: 807
Name: Stand-up_Comedian
Labeled: No

808 - Statue

Concept ID: 808
Name: Statue
Labeled: No

809 - Steel_Mill_Worker

Concept ID: 809
Name: Steel_Mill_Worker
Labeled: No

810 - Still_Image_Composition_May_Include_Text

Concept ID: 810
Name: Still_Image_Composition_May_Include_Text
Labeled: No

811 - Stock_Exchange

Concept ID: 811
Name: Stock_Exchange
Labeled: No

812 - Stockyard

Concept ID: 812
Name: Stockyard
Labeled: No

813 - Storage_Tanks

Concept ID: 813
Name: Storage_Tanks
Labeled: No

814 - Store_Outside

Concept ID: 814
Name: Store_Outside
Labeled: No

815 - Street_Signs

Concept ID: 815
Name: Street_Signs
Labeled: No

816 - Street_Vendor

Concept ID: 816
Name: Street_Vendor
Labeled: No

817 - Students_Schoolkids

Concept ID: 817
Name: Students_Schoolkids
Labeled: No

818 - Suitcases

Concept ID: 818
Name: Suitcases
Definition: [none found]
Labeled: No

819 - Surgeons

Concept ID: 819
Name: Surgeons
Labeled: No

820 - Sword

Concept ID: 820
Name: Sword
Labeled: No

821 - Synagogue

Concept ID: 821
Name: Synagogue
Labeled: No

822 - Tailor

Concept ID: 822
Name: Tailor
Labeled: No

823 - Tanneries

Concept ID: 823
Name: Tanneries
Labeled: No

824 - Taxi_Driver

Concept ID: 824
Name: Taxi_Driver
Labeled: No

825 - Teacher

Concept ID: 825
Name: Teacher
Labeled: No

826 - Team_Organized_Group

Concept ID: 826
Name: Team_Organized_Group
Labeled: No

827 - Technicians

Concept ID: 827
Name: Technicians
Labeled: No

828 - Teenagers

Concept ID: 828
Name: Teenagers
Labeled: No

829 - Temples

Concept ID: 829
Name: Temples
Labeled: No

830 - Terrorist

Concept ID: 830
Name: Terrorist
Labeled: No

831 - Text_Only_Artificial_Bkgd

Concept ID: 831
Name: Text_Only_Artificial_Bkgd
Labeled: No

832 - Thatched_Roof_Buildings

Concept ID: 832
Name: Thatched_Roof_Buildings
Labeled: No

833 - Theater

Concept ID: 833
Name: Theater
Labeled: No

834 - Toddlers

Concept ID: 834
Name: Toddlers
Labeled: No

835 - Town_Halls

Concept ID: 835
Name: Town_Halls
Labeled: No

836 - Town_Squares

Concept ID: 836
Name: Town_Squares
Labeled: No

837 - Townhouse

Concept ID: 837
Name: Townhouse
Labeled: No

838 - Tractor

Concept ID: 838
Name: Tractor
Labeled: No

839 - Traffic_Cop

Concept ID: 839
Name: Traffic_Cop
Labeled: No

840 - Train_Station

Concept ID: 840
Name: Train_Station
Labeled: No

841 - Tribal_Chief

Concept ID: 841
Name: Tribal_Chief
Labeled: No

842 - Twilight

Concept ID: 842
Name: Twilight
Labeled: No

843 - Uav

Concept ID: 843
Name: Uav
Labeled: No

844 - Vacationer_Tourist

Concept ID: 844
Name: Vacationer_Tourist
Labeled: No

845 - Vandal

Concept ID: 845
Name: Vandal
Labeled: No

846 - Veterinarian

Concept ID: 846
Name: Veterinarian
Labeled: No

847 - Viaducts

Concept ID: 847
Name: Viaducts
Labeled: No

848 - Vineyards

Concept ID: 848
Name: Vineyards
Definition: Land where grape vines are growing
Labeled: No

849 - Voter

Concept ID: 849
Name: Voter
Labeled: No

850 - Waiter_Waitress

Concept ID: 850
Name: Waiter_Waitress
Labeled: No

851 - Water_Mains

Concept ID: 851
Name: Water_Mains
Labeled: No

852 - Windmill

Concept ID: 852
Name: Windmill
Labeled: No

853 - Wooden_Buildings

Concept ID: 853
Name: Wooden_Buildings
Labeled: No

854 - Worker_Laborer

Concept ID: 854
Name: Worker_Laborer
Labeled: No

855 - Saddam_Hussein

Concept ID: 855
Name: Saddam_Hussein
Definition: Images of Iraqi Leader Saddam Hussein (none were found)
Labeled: No

856 - Aquariums

Concept ID: 856
Name: Aquariums
Definition: Images from an aquarium or other facility where live fish are on display
Labeled: Yes