Columbia Image Splicing Detection Evaluation Dataset - List of Photographers

We thank these photographers for kindly providing pictures and authorizing their use:

Aaron Nadig
George W. Harwell
Gerald and Buff Corsi
Salvatore Zimmitti
Ann Cook
John White
James Morefield
Sherry Ballard
Charles Webber
Joseph Dougherty
John Game
Tom Schweich
Christopher Christie
Larry Blakely
Garry McCarthy
California Department of Water Resources
Dr. David Graber
David Wake
Dr. Oren D. Pollak

For information on Columbia Image Splicing Detection Evaluation Dataset, please refer to the overview page.


  1. TrustFoto
  2. Research Description Page - Image Splicing Detection Using Higher Order Statistics
  3. Columbia University Digital Video and Multimedia Lab
  4. Columbia University Graphics Lab