The DVMM Lab at Columbia University is dedicated to research of multimedia content understanding, computer vision, machine learning, and signal processing. Our primary goal is to develop intelligent systems that can harness rich information from the vast amount of visual data such as those shared on the open Web, collected through pervasive imaging devices, or stored in gigantic content archives. A consistent theme of our research is to turn unstructured multimedia data into useful and searchable information. Our work on content-based visual search in the early 90's, VisualSEEk and VideoQ, set the foundation of this vibrant area. Over the years, we continued to create new theories, algorithms and systems for image/video recognition, multimodal analysis, multimedia ontology construction, graph-based semi-supervised learning, and learning-based compact hashing for big data indexing. We also developed novel applications for multi-source news video aggregation, mobile visual search, and brain machine interfaces for large-scale information triage. With many high-impact publications and more than 30 issued patents, our results have been broadly distributed as open research resources and incorporated in practical systems in industry and government.

Please visit the publication list and the research page to learn more about our work in

multimedia search and retrieval
machine learning and computer vision
mobile communication and applications
media security and forensics
benchmarking and standard

DVMM news (All news)
10/2020 DVMM alum John R. Smith awarded ACM SIGMM Technical Achievement Award 2020 (more)
09/2020 Columbia Engineering launched Center of AI Technology in collaboration with Amazon. Prof. Chang serves as Inaugural Director (more)
07/2020 DVMM team and collaborators won the Best Demo Paper Award at ACL 2020 (more)
06/2019 Prof. Chang gave keynote talks on multimodal knowledge graph and GAN Fake Image Detection at CVPR workshops (more)
06/2019 DVMM co-authored paper winning Best Paper Award at CVPR EARTHVISION (more)
07/2018 Prof. Chang elected to Academia Sinica (more)
06/2018 DVMM's research on pattern discovery received the Best Poster Award at ICMR 2018 (more)
01/2018 DVMM Postdoc Hanwang Zhang joined Nanyang Technological University as Assistant Professor (more)
01/2018 DVMM Alum Dr. Wei Liu listed among "AI's 10 To Watch" (more)
12/2017 Prof. Chang named ACM Fellow (more)
10/2016 Prof. Chang listed as the Most Influential Scholar in the field of Multimedia 2016 (more)
07/2016 DVMM Start-up VidRovr Wins Major Prize in Publicis90 Global Competition (more)
06/2016 DVMM Research on Compact Hashing Received T-MM Best Paper Award Honorable Mention (more)
01/2016 Prof. Chang received Honorary Doctorate from the University of Amsterdam (more)

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