Graduate Student Awards Announced at EE/CE 2014 Tent Party

The Electrical Engineering Department celebrated the 2013-2014 academic year by hosting its first "Tent Party" on May 9th. All EE and Computer Engineering students, staff, and faculty were invited to partake of the festive decorations, bountiful food, and commemoration of student achievements. Graduate student awards were also announced at the party.

The MS Armstrong Award was presented to Yin Cui, a February MS degree recipient. Voted on by the faculty of Electrical Engineering, the award recognizes an outstanding M.S. degree candidate in honor of the late Edwin Howard Armstrong, professor of Electrical Engineering.

In recognition of excellence in teaching assistance, the Department selected three graduate students for the Millman TA Awards. The first was Sharvil Patil, who is currently a PhD student with Professor Yannis Tsividis. He previously earned his M.S. degree from the EE department while specializing in Integrated Circuits and Systems. The second awardee was Yuye Ling, a PhD student with Professor Chrisitne Hendon. Yuye earned his M.S. in electrical engineering from UCLA with a specialization in Micro Devices and Physical Principles. Rabia Yugce Yazicigil was the final recipient of the Millman TA Award. She is currently a PhD candidate with Professor Peter Kinget and has previously earned her M.S. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in EE with a specialization in Intergrated Circuits and Systems. All three winners received a prize of $250.00.

The Jury Award is given for outstanding achievement by graduate student in the areas of circuits, systems and communications, and signal processing. The first recipient, Wei-Yi Cheng, received his PhD in February 2014; he subsequently accepted a position as a Bioinformatician at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. His thesis is titled "Pan-cancer Attractor Molecular Signatures and Their Application for Prognosis Biomarkers" and was written under the supervision of Professor Dimitris Anastassiou. The second award winner was Yevgeniy Slutsky, who received his PhD degree in October 2013. While at Columbia, Yevgeniy was a member of Professor Aurel Lazar’s Bionet Lab, where he wrote his thesis, "Spikes as Signatures: Identification of Dendritic Processing and Action Potential Generation in Spiking Neural Circuits" under his supervision. The Jury Award includes a monitary award of $1,000.

The EE Collaborative Research Award recognizes PhD candidates who have made superb contributions to a collaborative research effort. Baradwaj Vigraham and Jayanth Kuppambatti both won the award and are May 2014 degree recipients. Vigraham’s thesis is titled "Power-efficient Circuit Architectures for Receivers Leveraging Nanoscale CMOS*" and was completed under the supervision of Professor Peter Kinget. Kuppambatti’s thesis "Mixed-signal Design Techniques in Scaled CMOS Technologies" was also completed in Professor Kinget’s lab.

The EE MS Awards of Excellence was presented to seven students. Binyan Chen (currently a web developer at a non-profit in China), Alden Goldstein (currently a Nasdaq ITCH Market Decoder), Craig Gutterman (who will be joining Professor Gil Zussman’s lab in Fall 2014 as a PhD candidate), Francheng Kong, Zhengda Lu (a former Tesla Scholar and currently an Application Developer at Dow Jones), Isaac Wu (who interned at Freescale Semiconductor as a device engineer), and Yiying Zhang (also a former Tesla Scholar and currently a Software Development Engineer at Amazon). All recipients received a prize of $250.

EE Graduate Awards 2014






More photos of the Tent Party are available here.

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