Fall 2020 Course List

Course # Sec. Instructor Title Day Time Teaching Mode
ELEN E1101 1 D. Vallancourt The Digital Information Age TuTh 11:40-12:55 Online
ELEN E1201 1 D. Vallancourt Intro to Electrical Engineering TuTh 4:10-5:25 Online
ELEN E3043 1 W. Wang  Solid State, Microwave, Fiber Optics Lab 4:10-6:40 Online
ELEN E3081 1 C. Zukowski Circuit Analysis Laboratory M 2:40-5:10 Online
ELEN E3081 2 C. Zukowski Circuit Analysis Laboratory Th 10:10-12:40 Online
ELEN E3081 3 C. Zukowski Circuit Analysis Laboratory F 10:10-12:40 Online
ELEN E3084 1 X. Wang  Signals & Systems Laboratory M 6:10-8:40 Online
ELEN E3084 2 X. Wang  Signals & Systems Laboratory Th 4:10-6:40 Online
ELEN E3084 3 X. Wang  Signals & Systems Laboratory F 1:10-3:40 Online
ELEN E3106 1 J. Kymissis  Solid State Devices & Materials TuTh 2:40-3:55 Online
ELEN E3201 1 C. Zukowski Circuit Analysis MW  11:40-12:55 Online
ELEN E3399 1 D. Vallancourt Elen Eng Practice M 11:40-12:55 Online
EEME E3601 1 R. W. Longman Classical Control Systems MW 11:40-12:55 Online
ELEN E3801 1 X. Wang  Signals & Systems TuTh 7:10-8:25 In Person
CSEE W3827 1 M. Kim Fundamentals of Computer Systems TuTh 10:10-11:25 Online
CSEE W 3827 2 M. Kim Fundamentals of Computer Systems TuTh 11:40-12:55 Online
BMEB W4020 1 A. Lazar Comp Neuro: Circuits in the Brain Tu 7:00-9:30 Online
ECBM E4040 1 Z. Kostic   Neural Networks and Deep Learning F 10:10-12:40 Online
ECBM E4060 1 W.Y.-Chen Intro to Genomic Ifo Sci & Tech M 7:00-9:30 Online
CSEE W4119 1 E. Katz-Bassett Computer Networks TuTh 2:40-3:55 Online
ELEN E4193 2 J. Kymissis Mod Display Sci & Technology TuTh 10:10-11:35 In Person
ELEN E4215 1 T. Dickson Analog Filter Synthesis and Design Tu 7:00-9:30 Hybrid
ELEN E4312 1 S. Shahramian Analog Electric Circuits W 4:10-6:40 Hybrid
EECS E4321 1 K. Shepard Digital VLSI Circuits MW  10:10-11:25 Online
ELEN E4411 2 M. Lipson Fundamentals of Photonics M 4:10-6:40 Online
ELEN E4488 1 C. Hendon  Optical Systems Th 10:10-12:40 Online
EEOR E4650 1 J. Anderson Convex Optimization for Electrical Engineering TuTh 10:10-11:25 Online
EECS E4750 1 Z. Kostic Heterogeneous Computing for Signal and Data Processing Th 1:10-3:40 Hybrid
EECS E4764 1 X. Jiang Internet of Things - Intelligent and Connected Systems MW  2:40-3:55 Hybrid
CSEE W4823 1 M. Seok  Advanced Logic Design TuTh 2:40-3:55 Online
CSEE W4824 1 S. Sethumadhavan Computer Architecture MW 2:40-3:55 Online
CSEE W4868 1 L. Carloni System-On-Chip Platforms TuTh 11:40-12:55 Hybrid
EEBM E6091 1 D. Khodagholy  Topics in Computational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering. TPC: Devices and Analysis for Neural Circuits Tu 1:10-3:40 Hybrid
ELEN E6302 1 Y. Tsividis MOS transistors Tu 4:10-6:40 Online
EEME E6601 1 R. W. Longman Intro to Control Theory W 7:00-9:30 Online
EECS E6690 1 P. Jelenkovic Topics in Data-driven Analysis and Computation. TPC: Statistical Learning in Biological & Information Systems Tu 4:10-6:40 Online
EECS E6720 1 J. Paisley Bayesian models for machine learning 4:10-6:40 Hybrid
ELEN E6761 1 J. Ghaderi Computer Communication Networks I MW 1:10-2:25 Hybrid
ELEN E6767 1 D. Mitra Internet Econ, Eng & Society MW  11:40-12:55 Online
CSEE E6863 1 M. Theobald & F. Ivancic Formal Verif HW SW Systems M 6:10-8:00 Online
ELEN E6885 1 C. Li/S. Yang Topics in Signal Processing. TPC: Reinforcement Learning F 8:10-10:00 In Person
EECS E6890 1 E. Katz-Bassett TPC: Delivering Modern Services on the Internet W 4:10-6:40 Online
EECS E6897 1 A. Cidon Topics in Information Processing. TPC: Distributed Storage Systems F 1:10-3:40 Online
EEBME 9070 1 N. Mesgarani   Seminar in Computational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering Tu 10:10-12:40 Online

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