EE Systems FAQ

  1. What lab computing resources does the department offer?
    The department computing lab infrastructure is comprised of over 100 workstations equipped with processor clock frequencies ranging up to 4.0GHz quad cores and ram memory capacity ranging up to 32Gb. Each workstation provides a complete tool chain for custom chip development including Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Synopsys tools for the design and implementation of circuits. The workstations also provide remote access for students designing from off campus, local printing, and backed up disk space for each EE student.
  2. How may I obtain access to the lab workstations?
    Normally, after enrolling for an EE course, you will receive an account information email automatically. If you are either an EE student not currently enrolled in any department courses class or affiliated with the department in some other way, please email with your UNI and a description of your affiliation with the department and the systems group will make you an account.

    For physical access to the labs please email John Kazana ( with the number on the back of your student ID.

  3. Where are the labs located?
    All of the EE computing labs are located on the 12th floor of the Mudd Building. The Embedded Systems lab (1235 Mudd) contains the hosts – The VLSI lab (1218 and 1214 Mudd) contains hosts – Finally, the circuits lab (1205 and 1206 Mudd) contains –
  4. Where do I obtain Matlab?
    See the MATLAB information page.
  5. How can I connect remotely?
    See Remote Access.

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