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X Window System

Linux graphical programs use a framework called the X Window System. The graphical display can happen over the network, but you'll need an application on your computer that will handle the role of the X Server on the computer you're connecting from. If you're running Linux, this is probably already installed. If you're running Mac OS or Windows, you'll likely need to install a program to do this.

For Windows

You can install MobaXterm from

After running MobaXterm, you should have the option to start a local terminal.

For Mac OS

You can install XQuartz from

Running XQuartz should launch an xterm terminal.

General Instructions

From the terminal application that you've opened, connect via ssh to the machine of your choice. Enable X11 forwarding (usually by using the -X or -Y option).

There are two groups of machines: - and - (All single digit numbers have leading zeros.)

You'll need to connect with the login name of the account that was created for you, which is generally the same as your UNI. If your account name were aa9999, the command might look like this:

ssh -X

Once you have logged in, you can run any of the programs installed on the machines. The UI should show up on the computer you are connecting from.

To prevent graphical programs from occupying your terminal while they run, you can add an '&' after the name of the command. For example, you can run:

virtuoso &

instead of:


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