Fall 2020 EE and CE Graduate Student Orientation

The EE/CE Graduate Student (virtual) Orientation for incoming students will take place on Sept. 3rd and Sept. 4th (detailed agenda is below). For those of you who would like to rewatch the orientation, click here and sign in using your university id and password.

Please read carefully the guidelines below:

  1. Attending the orientation is mandatory for Fall A and Fall B students! Students who plan to join in the Spring are also welcome to attend (we will have another orientation before the Spring semester)
  2. Register to the orientation’s webinar through a link that will be sent to incoming students.
  3. Watch videos of class overviews for each of the EE research areas. Students should watch the videos before Sept. 3rd.
  4. Join the webinar on Sept. 3rd at 9am EDT (NY Time).
  5. Join Q&A sessions for the areas in which you are interested. These sessions are based on the videos. It is your opportunity to ask questions about classes and the area in general. We will email all incoming students a zoom link for each Q&A session. You can join as many sessions as you wish.
  6. Incoming PhD students will have an additional event on Sept. 4th. A zoom link to the meeting will be advertised.
  7. Incoming CE students will have an additional event on Sept. 4th. A zoom link to the meeting will be advertised.
  8. Advising –we will hold personal advising meetings only with students who plan to join the EE department in Fall A. Students who plan to join later in the year, will have an advising meeting before their semester starts. Personal zoom links will be advertised.
  9. At the bottom of this page we include important documents and links (Orientation E-Packet). Students are encouraged to carefully read this material.


Introduction to EE/CE Programs, and Overview of Courses

(Online Events, NY time)

Thursday, Sept. 3rd, 2020

Part one for all EE/CE Graduate students – link to this webinar will be sent to incoming students, registration to the webinar is required.

09:00               Welcome and introduction to the department (Department Chair: Prof. John Kymissis)

09:10               Meet the EE staff (video)

09:15              Introduction to the MS programs (Prof. Zoran Kostic)

09:45               CE welcome (Prof. Martha Kim, Chair of the CE Program)

09:50               EE career services (Ms. Jennifer Lee)

Part two Q&A with EE Faculty

Videos for EE research areas are now available. Students are encouraged to watch the videos before Sept. 3rd. Faculty from each area will hold a Q&A session (details below)

10:00-10:45    Q&A in Integrated Circuits and Systems with Prof. Mingoo Seok.

10:00-10:45    Q&A in Computer Engineering and Computer Systems with Profs. Katz-Bassett and Jiang.

10:00-10:45    Q&A in Signal, Information and Data with Prof. John Wright

10:45-11:30    Q&A in Nanoscale Structures and Integrated Devices with Prof. Christine Hendon

10:45-11:30    Q&A in Smart Electric Energy with Prof. Matthias Preindl.

10:45-11:30    Q&A in Systems Biology and Neuroengineering with Prof. Dion Khodagholy.

10:45-11:30    Q&A in Networking & Communications with Prof. Javad Ghaderi.


Friday, Sept. 4th, 2020     

For EE/CE MS Students

09:00-12:00    Advising for students who plan to join EE/CE in Fall A only! We will hold other  advising sessions before Fall B and Spring 21’.

For MS-PhD and PhD Students only

A zoom link to this session will be advertised

09:00-09:45      Introduction to the Ph.D. program (Prof. Gil Zussman)

09:45-10:30      Discussion of GRA/TA administrative aspects (Ms. Wendy Villa and Ms. Susan Ceballo)

For CE students only

A zoom link to this session will be advertised

09:10-09:55      Introduction to the CE program and courses (Prof. Martha Kim)


Important Resources
We put together important resources to help you with a smooth transition to the EE and CE Graduate programs.
Please read carefully before the virtual event on Sept. 3rd.
Updated for Fall A and Fall B by EE Research Area
Offered Classes Fall 2020
See the online bulletin for a complete course list
Meet the Faculty
Meet the Staff
Useful EE Contacts

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