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5 Armstrong worked intensely at his profession throughout his life, starting with the invention of the regenerative detector while still an undergraduate student, continuing with the super-regenerative and super-heterodyne circuits and wideband FM radio, and ending with FM multiplexing a few months before his death in 1954. During his lifetime he won many awards and numerous honorary degrees. The importance of his work drew him into contact with the other giants of radio and electronics, and, as may be expected, many of these interactions developed into rivalries, which spurred the profession but ultimately hurt Armstrong personally. Armstrong was also a dedicated, civic-minded individual who aided the United States in both world wars. He was honored by both the American and French governments for these contributions.

The following table summarizes the major milestones in Armstrong's career. For additional information about Armstrong's life and technical contributions, see "Edwin Armstrong: Pioneer of the Airwaves," by Professor Yannis Tsividis (Columbia Magazine, Spring 2002).

Armstrong and Radio Communications

1912–13 Invention of the regenerative detector and the triode oscillator
1917  Medal of Honor, Institute of Radio Engineering
1917 Invention of the super-heterodyne receiver
1919  Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur
1922  Invention of the super-regenerative circuit
1929  Doctor of Science, Columbia University
1933  Invention of wideband frequency modulation
1935  Armstrong Medal, Radio Club of America 
1939 Egleston Medal, Columbia University
1940 Holly Medal, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1940 Modern Pioneer Award, National Association of Manufacturing
1941 Doctor of Science, Muhlenberg University
1941 Medal, Class of 1889, School of Mines, Columbia University
1941 Franklin Medal, Franklin Institute
1942 Edison Medal, American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1947 U.S. Medal of Merit with Presidential Citation
1948 Doctor of Science, L'Universite Laval
1950 Armstrong Medal, Radio Club of America
1953 Invention of FM multiplexing

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