Course Files

1000- to 2000-Level Courses

ELEN E1201 Introduction to Electrical Engineering    

3000-Level Courses

ELEN E3043 Solid State, Microwave and Fiber Optics Lab    
ELEN E3081 Circuit Analysis Laboratory    
ELEN E3082 Digital Systems Laboratory    
ELEN E3083 Electronic Circuits Laboratory    
ELEN E3084 Signals and Systems Laboratory    
ELEN E3106 Solid-State Devices and Materials    
EEME E3201 Circuit Analysis    
ELEN E3331 Electronic Circuits    
ELEN E3390 Electronic Circuit Design Laboratory    
ELEN E3401 Electromagnetics    
EEME E3601 Classical Control Systems    
ELEN E3701 Introduction to Communication Systems    
ELEN E3801 Signals and Systems    
CSEE W3827 Fundamentals of Computer Systems    
EEHS E3900 History of Telecommunications: From the Telegraph to the Internet    

4000- to 5000-Level Courses

ECBM E4060 Introduction to Genomic Information Science and Technology    
ELEN E4301 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices    
ELEN E4312 Analog Electronic Circuits    
ELEN E4314 Communication Circuits    
EECS E4321 Digital VLSI Circuits    
EECS E4340 Computer Hardware Design    
ELEN E4401 Wave Transmission and Fiber Optics    
ELEN E4405 Classical Nonlinear Optics    
ELEN E4411 Fundamentals of Photonics    
ELEN E4501 Electromagnetic Devices and Energy Conversion    
ELEN E4503 Sensors, Actuators and Electromechanical Systems    
EEME E4601 Digital Control Systems    
ELEN E4702 Communication Theory    
ELEN E4703 Wireless Communications    
ELEN E4810 Digital Signal Processing    
ELEN E4815 Random Signals and Noise    
CSEE W4823 Advanced Logic Design    
CSEE W4824 Computer Architecture    
CSEE W4825 Digital Systems Design    
ELEN E4830 Digital Image Processing    
CSEE W4840 Embedded Systems    
ELEN E4896 Music Signal Processing    

6000 and Above–Level Courses

ELEN E6001 Advanced Projects in Electrical Engineering    
CSEE E6180 Modeling and Performance Evaluation    
ELEN E6201 Linear Systems Theory    
ELEN E6312 Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits    
ELEN E6314 Advanced Communication Circuits    
ELEN E6318 Microwave Circuit Designs    
ELEN E6321 Advanced Digital Electronic Circuits    
ELEN E6331 Principles of Semiconductor Physics, I    
ELEN E6332 Principles of Semiconductor Physics, II    
ELEN E6333 Semiconductor Device Physics    
ELEN E6403 Classical Electromagnetic Theory    
ELEN E6412 Lightwave Devices    
ELEN E6413 Lightwave Systems    
EEME E6601 Introduction to Control Theory    
EEME E6602 Modern Control Theory    
EEME E6610 Optimal Control Theory    
EEME E6612 Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems    
ELEN E6711 Stochastic Models in Information Systems    
ELEN E6712 Communication Theory, I    
ELEN E6713 Communication Theory, II    
ELEN E6717 Information Theory    
ELEN E6718 Algebraic Coding Theory    
ELEN E6761 Computer Communications Networks, I    
ELEN E6762 Computer Communications Networks, II    
ELEN E6781 Topics in Modeling and Analysis of Random Phenomena    
ELEN E6820 Speech and Audio Processing and Recognition    
ELEN E6850 Visual Information Systems    
ELEN E6860 Advanced Digital Signal Processing    
ELEN E688X Topics in Signal Processing    
ELEN E6900 Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering    
ELEN E6945 Device Nanafabrication    
ELEN E6950 Wireless and Mobile Neworking, I    
ELEN E6951 Wireless and Mobile Neworking, II    
EEME E8601 Advanced Topics in Control Theory    

ELEN E9001
ELEN E9002


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