Computer  Engineering & Computer Science

The Computer Engineering and Computer Systems area focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of computer systems, including networked systems, storage, computer architecture, operating systems, embedded systems, and systems security. The area spans research from embedded and single servers to datacenter-wide systems, and systems spanning a wide-area network or the Internet.


Professor IconKeren Bergman
Charles Batchelor Professor of Electrical Engineering

ArrowResearch areas:  Large-Scale Optical Switching Fabrics, Optical Interconnection Networks for High-Performance Computing, Optical Interconnection Networks for Data Center Computing Systems, Integrable Interconnection Network Systems and Subsystems, Inter-Chip Multi-Processor Interconnection Networks, and Intra-Chip Multi-Processor Interconnection Networks.

Professor IconLuca Carloni
Professor, Computer Science (affiliate with Electrical Engineering)

ArrowResearch areas: Heterogeneous Computing, System-on-Chip (SoC) Platforms, Embedded Systems, System-Level Design, Computer-Aided Design. 

Professor IconAsaf Cidon
Assistant Professor

ArrowResearch areas:  Distributed Storage Systems, Networked Systems, Key-Value Stores, Systems for Machine Learning, Cybersecurity

Professor IconJavad Ghaderi
Associate Professor

ArrowResearch areas:  Algorithms, Optimization, Stochastic Processes, and Machine Learning, with application to Communication Networks and Data Centers.

Professor IconXiaofan (Fred) Jiang
Assistant Professor

ArrowResearch areas:  Cyber physical systems and data analytics, smart and sustainable buildings, mobile and wearable systems, environmental monitoring and control, and connected health & fitness.  

Professor IconEthan Katz-Bassett
Associate Professor

ArrowResearch areas:  Networking and distributed systems: Internet reliability, performance, and routing; Internet measurement systems; Large-scale web/cloud/content-delivery services; Testbeds.

Professor IconVishal Misra
Professor, Computer Science (joint with Electrical Engineering)

ArrowResearch areas:  

Professor IconHenning Schulzrinne
Professor, Computer Science (joint with Electrical Engineering)

ArrowResearch areas:  Internet real-time and multimedia services and protocols, modeling and analysis of computer-communication networks, operating systems, network security.

Professor IconMingoo Seok
Associate Professor

ArrowResearch areas:  Ultra low power VLSI circuit and system design and methodology, adaptive circuit and system design, reliable circuit and system design, cyber physical system, circuit architecture co-optimization.

Professor IconKen Shepard
Lau Family Professor of Electrical Engineering

ArrowResearch areas:  Bioelectronics, biotic/abiotic interfaces, single-molecule diagnostics, CMOS integrated circuit design for biomedical applications, power electronics, carbon electronics.

Professor IconCharles Zukowski

Professor IconGil Zussman

ArrowResearch areas:  Wireless networks and systems including cross-layer considerations, full-duplex, multicast video, throughput optimization, energy-harvesting, and Medium Access Control. Resilience of computer networks and the power grid to large scale attacks.


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