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Frame Dumper
Dump Video Frames Into Bitmap Files





Frame Dumper is a convenient software tool to dump video frames into bitmap (*.bmp) files. It supports all types of video sources as long as they are recognized in your Windows Media Player (for some types of video codecs, such as XVid or DivX, you might need to install the codecs seperately). It runs extremely fast and reliable, and is a helpful tool for video related research work.


Frame Dumper is a command line based tool, and t he usage is very simple:

Usage: FrameDumper.exe VideoName FromFrameID ToFrameID StepSize [TargetDir]


VideoName: The source video file name (e.g., video.mpg). Use '\' for path.
FromFrameID: The starting frame number (indexed from 1)
ToFrameID: The ending frame number (indexed from 1)
StepSize: The step size during dumping. 1 for continuous dumping
TargetDir: Optional. Specify the dumping directory. Otherwise use current

In the software package, you can find a demo showing how to process a bunch of video files using DOS batch script.


Click here to download the software package. Should you have any questions in downloading or using the tool, please contact with me.


To learn more information, please refer to VisGenie Frame Ripper.


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