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Here I am releasing some of my previous software compositions for free download. These works track my efforts when I learn programming in C++ and Flash. They are here just for fun without any commercial reservation.




YUV Genius is a smart YUV renderer which can enrich your Windows Media Player with the capability of YUV rendering. By this way the viewing of YUV files is as simple as just double click on a YUV file and Windows Media Player will know what to do. The kernel of YUVGenius is an implementation of DirectShow source filter with IFileSourceFilter interface exposed. It is a convenient helper tool for researchers or developers working in the area of video coding, processing, communication, computer vision, and other related fields.

Currently YUV Genius has very simple funcationalities. If you are looking for a more integral YUV Viewer, you can refer to another software here

YUV Genius is a warm-up release of a visualization information framework called VisGenie. VisGenie is a general-purpose visualization system for media and associated metadata if any. More information about VisGenie can be found here.

Click here to find the related document and download.


Magic Cube



"The cube is invented by a humble Hungarian professor by the name of Erno Rubik. The Rubik's cube may be one of the most brilliant puzzles to ever be made. With its 6 colors and self contained cubic shape, it resembled a child's toy. But as many children and adults alike were soon to find, with only a few twists, the Rubik's cube would become a nearly insurmountable challenge. The cube's aesthetic appeal and simplistic design combined with it's nearly impossible challenge, caused it to be one of the most popular puzzles and toys worldwide during the 80's. "

This illustration is originally from an interesting cube compionship site. I didn't provide any solution in this tiny game. If you have interest in exploring the solutions for cube, there are lots of them online. Here are two of them: one, two.

Click here to download it and enjoy your puzzle!





FixSmith is a typical picture puzzle game.

Click here to download it. (Note: the GUI is in Chinese)

A Flash Movie




A Chinese New Year Greeting Card.

Click here to download it.

(Note: The language is Chinese)

Want More?


Be Patient... You know, I am now a Ph.D. candidate. And I have to finish my experiment and paper firstly...

See you here later ...


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