Columbia University, New York, NY (Sep 2003 - present)
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA (Aug 2001 - Dec 2002)
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, GPA 4.00/4.00

National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (Sep 1999 - Jun 2001)
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, GPA 4.00/4.00

National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (Sep 1995 - Jun 1999)
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, GPA 3.85/4.00


Columbia University

Research Assistant (Sep 2004 - present) Advisor: Prof Shih-Fu Chang

- Image forensics analysis and detection, focusing on image formation process and imaging device characteristics modeling

Teaching Assistant

- Digital Image Processing, Prof Shih-Fu Chang (Jan 2004 - May 2004)

Carnegie Mellon University

Research Assistant (Aug 2001 - Dec 2002) Advisor: Prof Tsuhan Chen

- Illumination normalization for PCA-based human face recognition
- Collaborated with General Motors developing feasible face recognition modules for their demo cars
- Also part of Sony's Multi-biometrics Authentication Research Project

National Taiwan University

Research Assistant (Sep 1999 - Jun 2001) Advisor: Prof Soo-Chang Pei

- Robust watermarking on palette-based images that survived under various attacks
- High capacity audio data hiding using spread spectrum watermark design. This was one of the pioneer research attempts that proved to be immune to the common MP3 attack

Teaching Assistant

- Digital Signal Processing, Prof Soo-Chang Pei (Feb 2001 - Jun 2001)
- Mobile Communications, Prof Jin-Fu Chang (Sep 2000 - Jan 2001)

Undergraduate Research (Sep 1997 - Jun 1998) Advisor: Prof Jyh-Horng Chen

- Designed and developed a human-machine interface system for people with disabilities as part of a 6 member team
- This project was awarded Undergraduate Dragon Scholarship by Acer Foundation
- The system has been put into mass production, purchased by and used in elementary and junior high schools in Taiwan

Consumers' Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan

Student Volunteer (Jun 1999 - Aug 1999)

- Served in the 1999 Taiwan Internet Service Provider (ISP) Survey Project, evaluating the performances of 42 ISPs in Taiwan


- Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision
- Machine Learning, Statistical Pattern Recognition
- Statistical Video Analysis and Indexing, Speech and Audio Processing, Music Signal Processing
- Random Processes, Information Theory, Detection and Estimation Theory
- Graph Theory, Basic Topology, Genomic Information and Technology


Outstanding TA, Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, Sep 2004
- For the course Digital Image Processing

Undergraduate Dragon Scholarship, Acer Foundation, Taiwan, Nov 1998
- Head-Motion Controlled Man-Machine Interface For Disables, Undergraduate Research Project


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- Undergraduate rural service that helped with children education and community organization in Yun-lin County, Taiwan
- Photography
- Reading and writing
- Art, music, and other multi-modal, creative artistic expressions


- Mandarin Chinese
- Japanese - Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 2
- French