Thierry Bertin-Mahieux
PhD. Electrical Engineering (Degree Candidate, 2012)
LabROSA, EE department
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Columbia University

f(MIR) 2009 workshop

Welcome to my webpage! I'm a graduate student inElectrical Engineering at Columbia University (New York). I specialize in Machine Learning applied to Music and Audio in general. I recently joined the LabROSA as a new PhD student. My interests are very broad, but to know what I'm currently working on, please take a look at my papers.

Before coming to Columbia, I have worked on Music Recommendation at the University of Montreal in the Computer Science department. My research advisors were Douglas Eck and Balazs Kegl. I also interned at Sun Microsystems Labs on the SITM project, supervised by Paul Lamere.

I have been a reviewer for the Journal of New Music Research and for the conferences ISMIR and ICASSP. I organized the first Future of MIR workshop at ISMIR '09.

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