News and Activities

Dec, 2013: Prof. Seok starts to serve as the Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I.
Oct, 2013: We will present a paper on the ultra-compact and voltage-scalable temperature sensors in 2014 ISSCC. Congrats Teng and Josh!
Sep, 2013: Our patent on ultra-compact and picowatt voltage reference circuits is commercially licensed
Aug, 2013: Prof. Seok will present an invited paper in 2013 S3S conference
May, 2013: Prof. Seok Serves as a co-chair of the student design contest in 2013 ISLPED
May, 2013: Prof. Seok serves as a TPC member for 2013 ISLPED
May, 2013: Yu Chen will present his paper in 2013 ISLPED this September. Congrats Yu!
Mar, 2013: Jian Liu will present his paper in 2013 ASYNC. Congrats Jian!
Feb, 2013: We appreciate the supports from DARPA, NSF, and Catalyst Foundation on our research programs.
Feb, 2013: Josh Kim is selected as a Catalyst Foundation Fellow. Congrats, Josh!
Sep, 2012: Prof. Seok serves as a TPC member for 26th International Conference on VLSI Design 2013
May, 2012: Our work on 0.5V 2-Transistor Voltage Reference is accepted for publication in 2012 JSSC
Apr, 2012: We will present one paper in 2012 DAC and two papers in 2012 ISLPED
Apr, 2012: The low-energy FFT core work is invited in 2012 ICICDT
Jan, 2012: Prof. Mingoo Seok joined Electrical Engineering Department in Columbia University
Mar, 2011: The ISSCC talk on 17.7nJ FFT work is well received and invited in the 2011 JSSC
Feb, 2011: Our works on energy-optimal pipelining is accepted in 2011 DAC