EE3201 Circuit Analysis

Peter Kinget -- Fall 2002


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Final is MONDAY DECEMBER 16 from 9.00am to 12.00pm in MUDD 633

Some students asked about the final's place/date. You can find that information on the Registrar's webpage under "Exams List (Actual)" or by following this link.

11-20-02 Homework assignments updated; assignment #12 has two problems handed out in class; extra copies available in the TA hand-out box.

11-18-02 Questionaire distributed in class; please put your filled out questionaire in the TA mailbox or hand it in the next class; extra questionaires were put in the TA hand-out box.

The second test is 11-13-2002:

Homework 11 posted. This homework is due by the midterm and is included in the midterm material.

Recitation: There will be a recitation on Sunday 11/10/2002. The TA will send out more details.

10/16/2002 First tests & solutions handed back in class.

Please give your feedback by filling out the midterm course survey at

The first test is 10-07-2002:

09/30/02 Homework assignment #6 posted. The material in this homework is required for the midterm so the homework is due 10/07/02. Homework #7 is only due the week after the midterm.

09/21/02 Course Schedule till first midterm updated in Book Reading section. Remark the posted schedules are drafts and will be updated as we progress through the semester.

09/11/02 as requested during class the homework deadlines have moved to Mondays 11am -- see the homeworks page for details

09/09/02 webpage updates: TA contact information, homework assignments for Lecture 2

09/03/02 webpage updates: office hours, book reading & homework assignments for Lecture 1

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