Computational Photography (Peter N. Belhumeur)

Search Engine Technology

Optimization II


  Graph Theory (J. Gross)

 Introduction To Natural Language Processing (Kathy McKeown)

Spring 2008

  Stochastic Modeling  (Karl Sigman)

  Network Theory (Dragomir R. Radev)

Fall 2007

  Advanced Machine Learning (Tony Jebara)

        Course paper: "Fast Kernel Learning for Spatial Pyramid Matching" accepted by CVPR 08.

  Digital Signal Processing(Dan Ellis)

Spring 2007

  Learning/Empirical Inference(Vladimir Vapnik,Tony Jebara, and Gerry Tesauro)

       Computational Imaging (Shree K. Nayar)

  Computational Photography (Peter N. Belhumeur)


Spring 2007

  Digital Image Processing(ELENE4830)

Summer 2007

  Digital Image Processing (ELENE4830), Course Mangeer