Course Evaluation Results:

Fall 2014: ELEN E6761 (Computer Communication Networks), 40 students

Organization and preparation: 4.98/5
Classroom delivery: 4.88/5
Approachability: 4.95/5
Overall quality: 4.95/5
A few of the students' comments:
-Excellent combination of lectures and homework assignments
-He is so patient and knowledgeable.
-He is very good at explaining the intuition behind the concepts that are hard to understand. He really cares about his students understanding the material very well
-He cares about the students

Spring 2015:  ELEN E6909 (Network Algorithms and Dynamics), 17 students

Organization and preparation: 4.85/5
Classroom delivery: 4.85/5
Approachability: 4.77/5
Overall quality: 4.85/5
A few of the students' comments:
-great lectures!
-The professor has brought together a great deal of material and sort of customized it for breadth and depth, to optimize students' gain from the class. It is just enough to learn a lot of advanced material and be able to work with it in the future if desirable (and bypasses the tedious/time-expensive/overly rigorous approach).

Fall 2015: ELEN E6761 (Computer Communication Networks), 24 students

Organization and preparation: 4.73/5
Classroom delivery: 4.65/5
Approachability: 4.73/5
Overall quality: 4.73/5
A few of the students' comments:
- Content organization is clear and logical. Class delivery is easy to follow.
- Well prepared for the class and have a passion for the course.
- Clear explanation of complicated equations. Excellent professor!
- Prof. Ghaderi truly cares about teaching. He carefully designed each lecture and each problem set, and made sure that students understood a key point before moving on to the next during class.
- He gives the best lecture to me this semester

Spring 2016: ELEN E6909 (Network Algorithms and Dynamics), 12 students

Organization and preparation: 4.5/5
Classroom delivery: 4.33/5
Approachability: 4.5/5
Overall quality: 4.33/5
A few of the students' comments:
- He is very glad to answer our questions and is very patient.
- The knowledge structure is very clear

Fall 2016: ELEN E6761 (Computer Communication Networks), 43 students

Organization and preparation: 4.68/5
Classroom delivery: 4.68/5
Approachability: 4.73/5
Overall quality: 4.62/5
A few of the students' comments:
- Really worth learning and fun to learn.

Spring 2017: ELEN E6909 (Network Algorithms and Dynamics)

Organization and preparation: 4.67/5
Classroom delivery: 4.33/5
Approachability: 4.67/5
Overall quality: 4.33/5

Fall 2017: ELEN E6761 (Computer Communication Networks), 17 students

Organization and preparation: 4.95/5
Classroom delivery: 4.89/5
Approachability: 4.95/5
Overall quality: 4.95/5
A few of the students' comments:
- This professor is so nice. He could deliver knowledge clearly and is always willing to communicate with us.
- Very approachable, patient and explains every detail carefully.
- Javad is great. Class content is well organized and logic is very clear.

Spring 2018: ELEN E6772 (Network Algorithms and Learning), 14 students

Organization and preparation: 4.94/5
Classroom delivery: 4.94/5
Approachability: 5/5
Overall quality: 5/5
A few of the students' comments:
- clear explanation, good at guiding rather than teaching, easy to approach
- The amount of efforts that he puts behind creating the lectures is distinctly visible. And that invigorates a student to put in similar amount of effort to learn.
- He is an excellent professor and always willing to answer students' questions. The classes are well organized.