E4896: Music Signal Processing

Project Information

All students will participate in group projects which will involve tracking, mixing and effects processing, and mastering tasks. Finished projects will consist of audio CDs as well as written reports detailing all design, sound engineering, and signal processing considerations. The project will allow students to perform in-depth work in any one of the subjects covered in the course: recording, mixing, mastering, and design of signal processing algorithms.

Additional information about project assignments will be posted here soon. In the meantime, you can start looking at the material provided in the Reading list.

Project Requirements

We will distribute a sample multi-track session (20+ tracks). Each student will have to perform a complete mix, including effects, and also implement their own mix bus compressor in MATLAB. Students can record their own tracks, but the instructor will have to approve the result at least a month before the project due date. For more details, download the project requirements file.

Projects are due on the Friday, May 6 at 12 noon EDT (that's the Friday before the final). They should be uploaded at the FTP site flavor.ee.columbia.edu, using the class' user name and password. The requirements file describes the exact organization of the data (Pro Tools files, MATLAB code, project report, etc.).

As with last year, we will try to have an E4896 T-shirt for the best project. If you are curious how they look like, click here.

Project Instructions

The project instructions are now available for download. The session audio files, including a reference mix, are available via FTP from flavor.ee.columbia.edu.

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