E4896: Music Signal Processing

Final Exam

You preparation for the final exam should consist of careful studying of the following resources:

in that order.

The exam will try to cover as much of the basic material as possible. To that end, it will include a multiple choice section, as well problems similar in style to the homework assignments.

Here are the sections covered in the lectures:

Total Recording

Part I, Part II pp. 25-71, 77-87, 97-102. From 102-158 there is a lot of material that is already known to EEs or covered elsewhere in the book, or discussion of psychoacoustic properties. 158-177, 181-217. From 217 to 268 there is a discussion of (mostly analog) audio processing components; the non-trivial ones we covered in the digital domain in the DAFX book. 269-307.

DAFX: Digital Audio Effects

Ch. 1 Introduction - covers general signal processing concepts. Ch. 2 - all. Ch. 3 - all. Ch. 4 - Sections 4.3.1-4.3.4. Ch. 5 - Sections 5.1, 5.2.


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