Call for






Consistent & Reliable Acoustic Cues
for sound analysis

One-day workshop
Aalborg, Denmark, Sunday September 2nd 2001
(directly before Eurospeech-2001)


CRAC is concerned with finding and exploiting reliable information in complex and distorted acoustic mixtures. The workshop aims to strengthen connections between research in robust speech recognition and recent techniques for separating information in acoustic mixtures.

The workshop will be a satellite event at Eurospeech, which is to be held in Aalborg, Denmark, in September 2001 (although workshop participation will be possible without registration at Eurospeech). The workshop is being organized as part of the European Union project RESPITE (Recognition of Speech by Partial Information Techniques, which is concerned with approaches to handling speech in realistic noise conditions where corrupt time-frequency data must be discounted).

We invite original submissions on the following topics:

  • Identifying sources and extracting information in realistic acoustic environments, including:
    • Auditory modelling
    • Computational auditory scene analysis
    • Blind source separation
    • SNR estimation
    • Confidence measures
  • Robust speech recognition strategies, including:
    • Missing data techniques
    • Noise modeling and compensation
    • Multi-stream recognition
  • Applications to nonspeech acoustic sources such as musical instrument segregation and identification
  • Psychoacoustics of corrupt and noisy speech and audio perception
  • Combinations of any of the above, such as robust speech recognition based on computational auditory scene analysis

Submissions will be reviewed on the basis of an extended abstract of about 500 words. Breadth and balance of topics covered will be a factor in selecting papers. A mini proceedings available via the internet and perhaps on CD-ROM will be produced for the workshop, consisting of 4-page papers in SP conference two-column format. We anticipate editing a special issue of a journal after the workshop, composed of extended versions of some of the papers.

The workshop structure will consist of lecture and poster sessions, and conclude with an 'open forum' to permit the most flexible interchange of information and ideas. Workshop attendance will be limited to around 40 participants.

Important dates

Submission of extended abstracts (500 words): April 30th 2001
Notification of acceptance: June 30th 2001
Submission of camera-ready 4-page papers: July 31st 2001
One-day workshop September 2nd 2001

The workshop date is the day before the start of Eurospeech-2001 and the workshop will be held in one of the halls that will be used for Eurospeech later that week.

CRAC Organizing committee

Dan Ellis, Columbia University } Co-chairs
Martin Cooke, Sheffield University
Frederic Berthommier,
Institut de Communication Parlee, Grenoble
Andrzej Drygajlo,
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Phil Green, Sheffield University
Andrew Morris,
Institut Dalle Molle d'Intelligence Artificelle Perceptive
Hiroshi Gitchang Okuno,
Science University of Tokyo

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