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Meeting Segmenter

The Meeting Recorder project is an ongoing effort at my previous lab, ICSI, to record conventional meetings and use speech and audio processing to extract useful information from the recordings. There are lots of aspects to this project, but right now we are collecting a fairly substation amount of information and we need tools to help us process and organize this data.

The basic recordings (as described in the data collection pages at ICSI) have up to 16 channels, including head-mounted mics for each participant and several ambient mics located, e.g., on the tabletop. We will eventually have a number of these meetings manually transcribed, but this is a slow process. It would be helpful to have some kind of pre-processing to identify all the spoken phrases according to the speaker; manual transcription would then involve just 'filling in the blanks' rather than having to mark all the boundaries.

An automatic tool that takes the recordings in one side and builds a set of speaker-turn labels (and perhaps labels for other broad-class acoustic events such as nonspeech noises) would be useful far beyond the transcription stage too: It would be the first level of a tool for the automatic organization of newly-recorded meeting data.

Here are the some initial stages for this project:

Some other projects, potential or actual, that connect with this work are:


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