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Ching-Yung Lin -- Recent Talks



Ching-Yung Lin

"Multimodality Recognition Series" at National Taiwan University:

1. Learning and Understanding from Multimodal Signals  (12/23/2005)

2. Recent Trends on Multimedia Security (12/26/2005)

3. Automatic Modeling of Human Behavior and Social Network (12/28/2005)

4. Distributed Signal Processing and Large-Scale Video Semantic Filtering (12/29/2005)

"Learning and Mining from Multimodality Sensing Signals" at Microsoft Research, Raymond, WA. (12/1/2005)

"Large-Scale Video Semantic Filtering" at Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University (11/16/2005)

"Emerging Multimedia Understanding Technologies", Tutorial at IEEE Intl. Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (10/30/2005)


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