Systems for Everyone, Data for You - Challenges in Serving a Billion Smartphone Users

Date: 2:30pm, October 6, 2017
Location: EE Conference Room (Mudd 1306) 
Speaker:  Wonsuk Lee, Vice President Mobile Communication Division, Samsung Electronics 

Abstract:  The sheer volume of data and ever climbing frequency of communications from more than a billion smartphone users require hefty cloud systems for support. At this scale, though, the cloud platform and infrastructure still pose serious challenges to the engineers with unexpected software and hardware failures and cost increase with newly needed functionalities. However, regardless of the reasons, the system must always work for everyone who uses the services. Service product managers and engineers must carefully consider costs associated with the service and robustness of the system from the design stage. 

However, what is ultimately important is whether the user is able to reap benefits from using these systems. Tailored algorithms and personalized information become effective tools of good and prolonged service products, but who cares if the service works well for others? Data and information from the service must work for you. 

The challenge in serving a billion you's is finding the answers to how we make the system work for the masses and prepare algorithms and data for individuals. The fundamental questions in our challenge boil down to what data to collect, process and store, and how.

Biography: Wonsuk Lee has a Ph.D. in computational applied mathematics and has worked on applications in fluid mechanics, networking, economics, and distributed computing. He is a Visiting Research Scientist of the EE Department during Fall 2017.

Working for the Mobile Communication Division of Samsung Electronics, Wonsuk serves as a Vice President of the R&D Office. His responsibilities include the build and operation of Samsung’s cloud infrastructure, development of cloud platform, and a number of foundational services for mobile smart devices. He leads the Samsung Cloud service for data backup & restore, data synchronization and sharing, and also heads the Market Device Management and Software Update services. In the past, Wonsuk has worked on the Samsung Pass service for secure user authentication using biometric information. More recently, he developed a platform for Bixby, Samsung’s new voice-enabled intelligent assistant.

Host: Professor Debasis Mitra

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