Spring 2009 Required Texts List

Course# Instructor Title Author Publisher
ELEN E1201 D. Vallancourt

Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications, 4th Ed.

First Lab in Circuits and Electronics, 2nd Ed.





ELEN E3331 D. Vallancourt Microelectronic Circuits, 5th Ed. Sedra and Smith Oxford
ELEN E3401 P. Diament Dynamic Electromagnetics Diament Prentice Hall
ELEN E3701 I. Kalet Communication Systems, 4th Ed. Haykin Wiley
CSEE W4119 D. Rubenstein Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 4th Ed. Kurose & Ross Addison Wesley
ELEN E4301 R. Laibowitz Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits, 3rd Ed. Muller & Kamins Wiley
ELEN E4314 Y. Tsividis Analog Integrated Circuits for Communication, 2nd Ed. Pederson & Mayaram Springer
ELEN E4503 A. Sen Microsystems Design Senturia Springer
ELEN E4703 P. Diament Wireless Communications, 2nd Ed. Rappaport Prentice Hall
ELEN E4815 I. Kalet Probability and Random Processes: With Applications to Signal Processing and Communications  Miller & Childers Academic Press
ELEN E4830 L. Xie/S. Ebadollahi Digital Image Processing, 3rd Ed. Gonzalez & Woods Prentice Hall
ELEN E6010 P. Jelenkovic An Introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits Alon Chapman & Hall
ELEN E6304 A. Peterchev Fundamentals of Power Electronics, 2nd Ed. Erickson & Maksimovic Springer
ELEN E6312 P. Kinget Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Razavi McGraw Hill
ELEN E6316 T. Dickson Analog Integrated Circuit Design Johns & Martin Wiley
ELEN E6318 Y. Baeyens Microwave Engineering, 3rd Ed. Pozar Wiley
ELEN E6332 W. Wang TBA    
ELEN E6412 T. Heinz Fundamentals of Photonics, 2nd Ed. Saleh & Teich Wiley-Interscience
ELEN E6413 D. Krylov TBA    
ELEN E6488 K. Bergman

Optical Switching

Principles and Practices of Interconnection Networks

Computer Architecture, Fourth Edition: A quantitative Approach (Appendix E)

Papadimitriou, Papazoglou, Pomportsis

Dally & Towles

Hennessy and Patterson

Wiley & Sons



ELEN E6712 I. Kalet TBA    
ELEN E6717 M. Lops Elements of Information Theory, 2nd Ed. Cover & Thomas Wiley-Interscience
ELEN E6774 N. Maxemchuk No Text    
ELEN E6775 J-F. Labourdette Path Routing in Mesh Optical Networks Labourdette, Bouillet, Ellinos, and Ramamurthy Wiley
ELEN E6820 D. Ellis Speech and Audio Signal Processing Gold and Morgan Wiley
ELEN E6860 T. Nguyen TBA    
ELEN E6881 D. Turaga Video Processing and Communications Wang, Ostermann, and Zhang Prentice Hall
ELEN E6887 R. Castro TBA    
ELEN E6920 M. Abramovici Digital System Testing and Testable Design Abramovici, Breuer, Friedman Wiley
ELEN E6945 S. Wind TBA    
ELEN E6951 G. Zussman Mobile Communications, 2nd Ed. Schiller Addison Wesley
EEBM E9070 A. Lazar

Frames and Bases

Two-Dimensional Wavelets and their Relatives


Antoine, Murenzi, Vandergheynst, and Ali

Birkhauser Boston


ELEN E9303 H. Krishnaswamy TBA    
ELEN E9402 R. Osgood Photonics: Optical Electronics in Modern Communications, 6th Ed. Yariv Oxford

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