Spring 2004 Required Texts List

Course# Instructor Title Author Publisher
EE E1201 G. Cowan Electrical Engineering, 2nd Edition
A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics
Prentice Hall
EE E3082 D. Rubenstein TBA    
EE E3083 R. Melville TBA    
EE E3331 R. Melville Microelectronic Circuits Sedra & Smith Oxford
EE E3401 P. Diament Dynamic Electromagnetics
Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics
Prentice Hall
EE E3701 I. Kalet TBA    
EEHS E3900 M. Scwartz Getting the Message: The Creation of the Media
Global Communications Since 1844
America Calling: A Social History of the Telephone to 1940
John Hopkins University Press
University of CA Press
EE E3910 D. Rubenstein Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 3rd Edition Mano & Kime Prentice Hall
EE E3998 Staff TBA    
EE E4215 N. Krishnapura TBA    
EE E4301 R. Laibowitz Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits Muller, Kamms Wiley
ELEN E4314 Y. Tsividis Analog Integrated Circuits for Communication Pederson & Mayaram Kluwer Academic Publishers
EECS E4340 K. Shepard No Text    
EE E4503 A. Sen Printed Notes    
EE E4601 R. Longman TBA    
EE E4703 P. Diament Wireless Communications Rappaport Pearson
EE E4830 S.F. Chang TBA    
EE E4896 A. Eleftheriadis TBA    
EE E6151 R. Osgood Fundamentals of Surface Thin Film Analysis Feldman & Mayer Prentice Hall
EE E6180 E. Coffman No Text    
EE E6261 R. Melville TBA    
EE E6312 P. Kinget No Text    
EE E6331 W. Wang No Text    
EE E6412 J. Misewich Fundamentals of Photonics Saleh Wiley
EE E6413 K. Bergman Fiber-Optic Communication Systems
Nonlinear Fiber Optics
Govind and Agrawal
Academic Press
EE E6414 R. Osgood No Text    
EE E6712 E. Soljanin Digital Communications Proakis McGraw Hill
EE E6717 V. Misra TBA    
EE E6718 A. Elfadel Algebraic Codes for Data Transmission Blahut Cambridge University Press
EE E6762 N. Maxemchuck Data Networks Bertsekas Pearson
EE E6768 I. Kalet TBA    
EE E6820 D. Ellis Speech & Audio Signal Processing Gold Wiley
EE E6860 X. Wang Wavelet and Subband Coding Vetterli & Kovacevic Prentice Hall
EE E6884 M. Picheny No Text    
EEME E8601 R. Longman TBA    
EE E6905 S. Weinstein TBA    
EE E6951 A. Campbell No Text    

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