Solution to the Low- and High-Frequency Breakdown in Computational Electromagnetics

April 3, 2014
Location: 750 CEPSR
Speaker: Dr. Olena Zhu, Intel Corp.


A full-wave solution of Maxwell’s equations breaks down at low frequencies, which was observed as early as 1960’s. Recently, we have discovered that the breakdown could even happen at high frequencies in multi-scale systems. At these frequencies, there is no solution to Maxwell’s equations because a full-wave solution breaks down and static-/quasi- static solutions are invalid. Such breakdown problem is critical in today’s electromagnetics-based analysis. For Instance, the breakdown frequency of full-wave solvers falls right in the range of integrated circuit operating frequencies. The root cause of this breakdown problem is finite machine precision. Despite decades of attempts to tackle this problem, no fundamental solutions had been offered. In this talk, I will present a solution that has fundamentally overcome the barrier posed by finite machine precision for the first time. In this solution, we explicitly and rigorously derived the frequency dependency of the solution to Maxwell’s equations from high frequencies all the way down to DC. Our solution has already been adopted by major electronic design automation companies. It has also shed light on other unsolved research problems across multiple disciplines, the root cause of which is finite machine precision.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Olena Zhu is an Analog Engineer at Intel Corporation. She received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in August 2011, where she was nominated for Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis. She received her B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering and Information Science from University of Science and Technology of China in July 2006. Dr. Zhu’s research interests include multi‐scale, large‐scale electromagnetic simulations, non‐linear time‐variant simulations, and applied electromagnetics. Dr. Zhu has authored one book chapter and over 30 papers in refereed journals and interna7onal conferences. Her research has been recognized by the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation Best Student Paper Finalist Award, and the 2010 IEEE Trans. on Advanced Packaging Best Paper Finalist Award. She is an Area Editor of the International Journal of Electronics and Communications.

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