Solid-State Devices and Materials (ELEN E3106) Syllabus

  • Introduction, crystal structures
  • Unit cell, cubic and diamond structures, miller indices
  • Semiconductor energy bands, carriers
  • Intrinsic semiconductors, dopants
  • Density of states, Fermi-Dirac distribution function
  • Equilibrium carrier concentration, Fermi level
  • Carrier modeling and computation, review
  • Carrier action, drift, mobility, and resistivity
  • Band bending, carrier diffusion, Einstein relations
  • Recombination-Generation, minority carrier lifetimes
  • Minority carrier diffusion equations, quasi Fermi level
  • pn Junction, depletion approximation
  • Step junction, linearly graded
  • Ideal pn-junction models, I-V characteristics
  • Saturation current, carrier concentrations
  • Bipolar junction transistor, performance parameters
  • Ideal transistor analysis
  • Diffusion equations, computational model
  • Performance parameters, Ebers-Moll Equations
  • MOS fundamentals, gate voltage relationship
  • ID-VD relationships
  • Square Law, Bulk-Charge theory
  • AC response, equivalent circuits, cutoff frequency

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