Resources for New MS Students

  • Introduction to the EE program
  • New Students Orientation - Incoming EE graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the this important event that usually takes place at the end of August before the academic year starts.
  • New Student - The School’s information about how to obtain a UNI, register for courses, etc.
  • EE course flowcharts - Useful information for course planning can be found on the department's page. Please carefully check the requirements for your program on the corresponding pages: the MS Checklist, PhD program.
  • Departmental positions - For details and a simple application form for students looking for part-time work may apply for an EE grader or MS-TA position.
  • MS students are assigned temporary advisors by research area when they arrive, but can consult with any of the MS program advisors as they progress through the program.
  • Students transfers between MS programs in CS, CE, and EE -  Student transfers
    between MS programs in CS, CE, and EE at Columbia SEAS are not ordinarily
    possible.  Students wishing to appeal this policy must have completed at
    least one semester in the program to which they were originally admitted,
    petition the directors of the programs they wish to transfer from and to, and
    provide letters of support from at least two regular faculty members of the
    MS program to which they wish to transfer.  These petitions must be included
    in the application for admission to the new program and will be considered by
    the directors of the two MS programs.

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